Monday, March 31, 2014

livingroom update.

I have been missing forever.  So much has happened.  We have been settling into the new house and we just yesterday finished the last bit of stuff to get the old place cleaned and are officially done there! Here there has been new stuff coming in left and right.  It has been changing so quick that I haven't found time to get posts up.  I thought I would share a update on the living room. Here it is at the moment...

 I ordered a slipper chair from target at a steal of a deal when they had 30% off furniture/10$ gift card back with a purchase of 50$ and also my 5% off from using my red card!!  I know great deal, and it is so cute and comfy. I am posting it from there now while watching some downton abby.  The knit pouf ottoman is from, and it was 40$ all the other ones I looked at were twice that price!  One issue I ran into with the new furniture was it is taller then my old and I have to find taller side tables.  My sister found this one at her salvation army and brought it down for me.  I painted it stone grey (because that is one of the spray paints in my stock that wasn't ruined its been so long since I painted lol) it is the perfect height, I just wish there had been two.

 My couch is a lazy boy and it is in the color chinchilla.  I love it!!  It is soo comfy.  I took a page out of the Nate Burkis book (miss his show soo much) when picking a new sofa and chose a great quality one. I felt under the cushions to make sure the support was good, and unzipped the cushions to look at what the cushions were made of.  I will have to do a post some time.  Plus lazy boy has lifetime warranty on the structure of the couch.  Can't beat that.

 Here is the other angle.  I have the rocker from max's room out here to rock the little monkey.  I also put up a gallery wall.
 It is lots of my pictures from the maternity shoot this summer.  I love it soo much I need to paint that p.  That will happen soon.  Also if you look below you might notice something...
 The baby proofing has began!!  Max crawls (pretty much only backwards at this point, but he is on the move so we needed a gate that wasn't a pressure one since this is a free standing rail.
 Also the gaps are soo big that we had to baby proof that so we ordered a kit of plastic off amazon for under 20$ and it is nice not a eye sore.  But the cats use it as a way to let me know when they want in and out of the baby gate!! So annoying they knock on it with their paws until I open the gate
 Well that is all I have time for today I am going to get a few things done while the monkey man is sleeping :)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

house progress.

I have been missing for a while because I have been working hard unpacking and getting life back to normal for my family.  I made a bit of progress and I thought I would share it.  This is the living room which is in progress right now.

 We got our new couch which is a lazy boy and I moved the old couch down stairs .   The love seat will not be staying where it is but I will get to that.
 Here is the opposite side of the room it has our glider the sofa table book shelf and a bunch of max toys.
 I decided not to get another love seat to go in the living room.  I chose to get a chair and the rocker instead.   This is the chair I ordered from target.  My girlfriend pat has a slipper chair from target and it is cute and comfortable so I decided I would mix it up and give it a shot. 

But if you are going to have a chair like that you need a ottoman to put your feet up so I was looking at the garter stitch puffs I have seen around they are normally 80$ and up but I found this one at walmart for 40$!!   So I am having that shipped site to store for free.
Another thing I ordered from target was a cabinet.  We have really poor storage in the kitchen  and the few cupboards we do have have small shelf's so things like syrup and oil don't fit inside and they can't be adjusted. so I measured and the larger cabinet in this picture will fit right beside the drafting table!  Not the most classy but It will work for the purpose I need for sure!

I also put up a wall collage out of my maternity pictures from this summer.
It needs a few things but I will look for some things to fill it out in the cities this weekend.
Max's puffs are moved over and he is back in business.
I will have more to share soon but I need caffeine while Max naps.  So I will have to share more later.  Have a great day guys