Wednesday, October 30, 2013

long time no see..

 Well Guys I am sorry it has been forever since I posted!!  The time has just flown by.  After the big scary mess that happened with Max's home coming.  I have been really staying home as much as possible and just taking care of and enjoying the little monster boy.  He was pretty colicky for a while there but he has come around.  He has his first cold right now but seems on the up swing and is in good spirits. He is now today 2 months old!!  He has started to sleep a good 5-6 hour stretch at the first half of the night which is heavenly.  I attribute it to a great (longggggg) bed time routine.  We give him a bath if it is bath night, then it is a baby massage to help with the tummy,pajamas and swaddling into a sleep sack,  then two to 3 bedtime stories, and a good feeding then bedtime.  He has really started to turn around since we started this nightly.  Plus I make sure he gets in some tummy time and enough exercise to get strong and wear himself out
Here are some recent pics..
Him rocking his dinosaur hat.
 His sweet little hands..

 Him enjoying his bumbo.  He loves it!!  We tuck a blanky to help stabilize him and I stay right there the whole time.  But it is good for him to build his muscles and he thinks it is hilarious.
 Playing with his mama..he is really starting to like to play and smile and even giggle or squeal every now and again.
 His reaction this morning when I was making monkey noises at it was a big hit.
 cutest dimples ever!!

This was him headed out to the drs the other day to get his cold checked out.

He is sleeping in his rock and play beside me right now (he has been in there all week to help elevate him due to his cold) but since we are up doing extra feedings and steamy bathrooms to help the cold that means less sleep so I am off to sneak in a nap before the girls get home.  :)  I will try to get better about posting.