Thursday, March 15, 2012

having a had hair or skin day this will make your day.

So I was screwing around on pinterst looking for a cute way to style my hair for work and came across this it is a site showing celebrity close up. I thought I would share since I am just on the down hill side of the stomach flu and not feeling or looking so hot this certainly helped me.

wow is that a saddle bag nope its mick jagger!!

This one way way broke my heart and changed my world for ever Mark Wahlberg

Kelly rippa but she always looks flawless!!

Kathy Griffen omg she is way scary.

Nicki Manaj. Soo not right.
Now in all fairness there are some I thought still looked pretty good considering like amy adams yeah she is making a sorta scary face but still cute

Mariah Cary lookin good

Kristen chenwith still a cutie

Jennifer Hudson beautiful as always

The rock not to shabby maybe a bit of skin issue but still got those dimples
and if there was any doubt in your mind let it be cast aside now the ever flawless ryan gosslingThis was a rushed one so sorry for any misspellings and bad grammar (like that is a new thing around here lol) There was way more so don't take my word for it get out there and check them out yourself.

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