Wednesday, July 22, 2009


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and since i mentioned him i need to include the bad boy who bit my nefew (very much so in self defense my nefew was crushing and choking him and he has no claws) but this is him making the trip to my sis's house to house sit. He goes with us every year and she has 2 dogs and two cats and he just blends in and its like he was always there :) sorry that every thing got posted individualy i am getting used to his stupid flickr blogger thing will be better i promise

here is my latest

I am working on a aran lap top cover for my sis ang for her birthday it is looking awsome I love it very much she is lucky i don't have a lap top or it might get claimed

yay summer

well I am back on line things are going well. I am no longer working. Monkey butt starts kindergarten soon and firemonster is still trouble trouble trouble. She is just a wild one. Here is a fairly new pic with my nefew thown in the mis showing off his war wounds from a fight after choking my kitty.