Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weekend fun:campfire movie night/beauty and the beast/practice run 4th of july nails

We have had quiet the busy weekend and end of the week.  We had family over and all kinds of fun things going on.  I thought I would share some of the goings on with you guys.
First this happened!!!  Yup the crib came.  My hubby put it up and I will share more of that later this week I will do a update on max's nursery.  
My sis and calvin came down.  (my nephew)  We had a neighborhood movie night with my fav neighbors.  My neighbors kids were in town and they set up a projector so we watched up on the side of the garage and havw a bonfire.
 Here is a pic of fire monster and calvin watching the movie.
 Here they are all lined up while Pat lights the fire pit!

Here are a few fun pics of great moments in the movie.

 Love this..
So fun.
Who wouldn't love a movie night bonfire!
Even the baby bump got in on the action.
 Next day we went swimming and had monkey butts performance of disneys beauty and the beast.  Calvin loved every minute.  She is so proud and did such a great job.
 Here they are with the stars of the show belle and the prince.  (calvin was a little bit star struck) 

 My sis left last night taking calvin and fire monster with her (I already miss my little snuggle bug no matter how much of a trouble maker can be, she can be just as sweet)  

 Monkey butt, the hubby, and I got up early.  I made french toast we did a few chores and I thought me and monkey butt could use some practice run 4th of july nails.  So we ran to get a few good blue nail polishes and saw this at walmart!
Fun new cheapo nail art.  We are going to try some out and I will give a review.  Here is our first attempt nail art for 4th of july.
mine (should have grabbed some sally hanson nail strips at the store but clearly got distracted!)
 Here is monkey butts..
 Now monkey butt is at her last performance of beauty and the beast, then is heading off with her dad and grandparents for the week.  Yes that is right I have a few days with no kids!!!  No, I don't know what to do with my self.  At the moment my hubby is at work and I am taking a minute to relax catch you guys up on the weekend fun (while watching the help on showtime ;) I hope you guys are having a great weekend.  I am going to grab some lunch.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

shop latley haul

 I placed a order a week and half ago through  I wanted some chunky fun summer necklaces to dress up some of my maternity outfits and mix stuff up.  I decided to try them because I had been hearing such great things that they have fun pieces at like forever 21 prices but better quality then you would get there.  So I ordered 3 pieces.  I am super please here they are.  

The first was this great mint colored one (sorry a few of the bottom pieces are twisted.) and it came with great matching earrings. 
 This was 9.99 and I love it.
 I grabbed this fun hot pink necklace that is circles and squares and reminded me of something a Flintstones would have worn.

It was 13.99$ 

 Then a fun turquoise bubble necklace.  Now when you order things come from different shops.  You only pay once and pay one shipping charge but things might ship separately.  I got t
his one sooo fast.  I ordered Friday I had this piece by Monday.  I was super impressed with that.
  This piece ran me 11.99.

When you log into using your facebook you get a 5$ credit!!  So I wound up spending a bit over 30$ with shipping for all 3 pieces.  It was a great deal. I really recommend them I love everything I got and it was affordable and fast. I will definitely be placing more orders in the future.  There is some cute rings and bracelets I will have to check out ;) 

You will have to check them out for yourself and start your wish list :) p.s. my link will get you a automatic 5$ credit ;)

Friday, June 28, 2013

top 10 drugstore products under $10

Okay we all know I love me some drug store make up.  I like good make up though and I won't waste my time and money on things that aren't worth it.  I have some gems here for you to pick up next time you are in the store.
1. There are a ton of good long wearing foundations that are under 10$ at the drug store depending on what you like in a foundation or your skin type.  I have dry to combo skin and I like a satin finish.  The favorite long wearing full coverage make up I have found to give me what I want is maybelline super stay.  It is just under 10$ and it gives me flawless satin finish. 

2. I have some major under eye circles.  I have allergies hereditary and not getting good sleep from a getting bigger by the minute baby belly.!!  I have got some business to cover let me tell you!  So if it does the trick for me it is good stuff.  I like covergirl +olay ageless concealer.  Now I like this for under eyes because it doesn't make my under eyes look dry or wrinkly.  I wouldn't so much use it for break outs I don't have a big problem with acne but it works well for under eyes. (my problem area)
 3. e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder.  This is a dupe for the nars laguna/ orgasm duo.  I love this, especially when I am traveling light you have your bronzer and blush in one little set.  Best of all this is $3 instead of the $41 for the nars set!  Can't beat that. Their other blushes are good too but this is just a extra great deal since it is 2 for 1.
 4.  Okay this is technically two products but you can get both for under $10 and since I have blushes and bronzers I had to share a highlighter too.  Wet and Wilds blushes are amazing!!   They are pigmented so be careful, a little goes a long way.  When I apply then I tap my brush on the blush tap it off then tap it on the back of my hand before I carefully apply it to my cheeks.  They run 3$ and Pearlesant pink is a dupe for nars laguna also :) Now the big guy there is wet and wild reserve your cabana.  It is $3 also and it is a great highlighter.  It isn't glittery but leaves a nice candle lit sheen.  It is a dupe for the balms mary lumanizer.  You get a ton of product for 3$ too.
5.  My go to brozer it is amazing not muddy and I use it to contour pretty much every single day and have had it for over 6 months and haven't hit pan!!  it is a great matte brozer and runs 2.99! Great deal.

 6. Now if you know me I have eye brow issues.  Mine are way too light I tint them but they are also sparse so I have to fill them in every day so you can see them.  My favorite brow pencil lately is a drug store product that can be purchase at walmart for $5.  It is the brow pencil from flower (Drew Barrymores brand)  I love this one it is retractable and it has great staying power It doesn't come off even in the most humid weather until I use make up remover at night.

7. Now on to one of my all time favorite make up products to use and buy.. eye shadow.  Eye shadow can make or break a look.  I always plan my eyes and then build around them.  The best drug store eye shadows bar none...(and if you would have asked me even a year ago I would have said you were nuts) are wet and wild. They are great GREAT quality.  The singles are like $1, the trios are $3, and the biggest ones I have pictured here run just $5.  I love them and wear then 90 percent of the time.  They are super pigmented and you can't go wrong with them.  I always use a base under (wither it is elf $1 eyeshadow primer or a cream eye shadow) but they last all day and are amazing.  Give them a shot you won't be sorry ;)
8.  On to great bases or cream shadows Maybelline 24 hour tattoos are amazing.  They are just as good as macs paint pots and last all day with out creasing.  They make great shadows to wear to the pool and amazing bases.  They have tons of great colors and I use them all the time.  They run around $8
 9. Best pencil liners are by far in my book remmil scandaleyes liners.  You can get them for around 4.49 but they ALWAYS have coupons out for a buck off that!  They are creamy waterproof and last all day long.  When I use them on my lower lash line they don't bleed and give me panda eyes and they are good on the waterline.  I love the nude for the water line to brighten my eyes.
 10.  This is a new holy grail for summer because it is waterproof and it stays put even at the pool I don't lose the wing on the end of my liner!.  It is milani eye tech eyeliner!  I am in love with this thing.  The shape of it is like the new L'Oreal one which is really great for the line but this formula is WAY better.  I love it.  If you don't care about waterproof or staying power I suggest the jordana fabuliner it is about 2$ and works well but this is my fav by far.
There you have it my top ten drug store products under 10$.  I added it up and you can get all ten items (including a wet and wild blush and the tiki bronzer) for around 60$ ha that is just a bit more then the one nars duo.  I love all of these products and use most of them every single day.  Let me know if you have any products you recommend or if you give any of these a try:) 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

easy chevron nails.

I have found it... the secret to the perfect chevron nails.  I have tried all different ways to accomplish chevron nails and they always come out looking shoddy.  But I finally found it.  It is make it stick nail designs.
(btw no I don't know the shop owner, no I didn't get these free or even at discount.  It was just something I wanted to try and purchased with my own $)  It cost 10$ per sheet of 80 which I figured out my nails take 3 strips a piece and at one accent nail per mani that is 26.6 mani .37 cents a mani :).  I can deal with that for sure
Okay so here is how it works..  they look like this..
I ordered black and white but they come in all kinds of colors.  The little zig zag strips are singles not in a sheet of 4 so you can use as few or as many as you need for each nail.
Here is what I used to complete the mani colors and all.  But things you need are:
  • cuticle nippers (or small scissors)  
  • tweezers
  • top coat 
  • base coat
  • color polish

Here is a step by step to get this look 
  1. paint your base coat and let dry
  2. paint two coats of color
  3. after color is totally dry rub the decal you are going to pick up to make sure the adhesive is stuck well 
  4. pull up using tweezers and place carefully on nail (i started at tip and lined up way I wanted) press down decal 
  5. trim decal with manicure scissors or cuticle nippers making sure to keep decal off skin and only on nail.
  6. When you place next decal make sure the zig zags line up perfectly I match mine to the middle of the nail.
  7. when done paint two good top coats over the nails with decals (one is fine for nails with out but I recommend 2-3 coats for nails with decals)  I prefer out the door it dries almost instantly and works amazingly it is like seche vite which is amazing but no bad t3 which is not fabulous for you.  
It really is that easy to get this super cute mani.  I know she has tons of other cute decals too (anchors, shoes,ect)  she also has different thickness of stripes for zig zag too.  If anyone has any questions please comment below and I hope you find this helpful 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30 week update

Time for another weekly pregnancy update.  This week I am 30 weeks.  We have been pretty busy.  Monkey butts play has been going on so running for that.  The opening day there was a severe storm and tornado warning where we had to head to the basement until we got the "alls clear".   We got out of the basement just in time for her to make it to her opening night and all went well. 

We ordered the crib for the nursery (you can see details on that and the progress on the post I did earlier today)  We made lots of progress in Max's room.  That little man has been busy as can be.  He has been doing flips and kicking like crazy.  Last night I was snuggling the hubby trying to fall asleep and he was kicking so hard he kept my hubby awake kicking him in the back lol.  I took a video this afternoon of him doing some big movements I will add that at the end of the post.  Monkey butt has four more showings of her play this weekend and then her and Fire monster will be gone until we head to cities to pick them up. :)  I have a drs appt. next week too.  So a few fun updates next week. 

Hope you guys are having a good day here is the video of Max.

nursery progress

Since wed. is the usually "baby day" when I turn one week further into the pregnancy and I put up my weekly pregnancy update I thought it would be a good day to show how max's room is progressing.  It is not finished but I have made some changes since the last update which was a while ago.  So here is the current state of the nursery.  
This is the changing table area.  I have the changing pad hooked up, the baby books on the shelf, and all the clothes are washed and sorted by age into baskets with little tags marking the ages they fit.
Some one has claimed this as his napping domain and he spends most of his day there napping.  (he is in for a rude awakening in roughly 70 days when max is here and this is no longer acceptable)
This is the area where the crib will go under the decals in the corner.  Right now all the stuff is stored in there but the swing will be upstairs and bouncy and the rock and play will be in our room by our bed.  We will be fixing up a way in that corner also to hand some of the clothes.

This is the crib we ordered and will be here some time in the next week.  I researched until my eyes were crooked and this is the one we went with.  We opted for the 4 in 1 convertible.  So this crib will go from crib to toddler bed to day bed to double bed.  When it will look like this..
It makes a nice sleigh type bed.  So this little bug will be sleeping in this sucker through college if I have any thing to say about it.  I am very excited for this to be here and up so I can feel like the room is ready.  I will only have one thing left to complete after that.  

The rocker will stay and get plenty of use I am sure. 

My makeup and nail stuff will be staying as well as my sewing machine and drafting table.  So one wall will stay for my stuff. 

My hair, nail. makeup brushes are on the lazy Suzan.
I got this acrylic nail polish rack off amazon last week.  It is perfect and I love it.  It holds all my polishes and doesn't take up a ton of space and is clear so it is unobtrusive.  I love it and the shop I mailed from was awesome affordable and I had it almost a week before it was expected!  Love that.

Well I need to shower and get myself in gear because I need to take my weekly update picture and it is library day and the kids are all of me to go.  But first things first this prego needs some lunch!  Have a good day guys.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

goodbye red dragon hello wally..

 Well probably 31/2 years ago my hubby bought a 89 horizon off a buddy and he used that as his work car until about a month ago when it died for good.  We called it the red dragon (like Will Ferrells car in old school because isn't quiet street legal lol). My hubby loved it.  It was actually pretty fun to drive.  It treated us well pretty much never broke down I think we put less then 50$ into it the whole time we owned it but alas its frame snapped and broke the break line, turning it into a virtual death traps sooo... R.i.p. red dragon.
Today we got its replacement.. meet wally.  Wally is a straight up econoline van. 

 Complete with the bench seat in back that turns into a bed and a table lol..
 Second row is two captains chairs that can face forward or backward.
 A sweet wooden console and the little slots that are meant to hold cassette tapes are a perfect fit to hold our phones how funny is that!!

 It doesn't have a sliding door but the dual opening door (which I would much MUCH prefer to a sliding door those are a pain in the butt.)
 The inside is in great condition we will have to give it a good shampooing just because it sat a while but other then that we shined it up and it is good to go.  My hubby being the man that he is will be taking wally to the car wash and then waxing him.  Me I took down the curtains and threw then in the wash...where they promptly disintegrated!!!  Eeek.  So I will be looking for some new fabric to sew curtains for it (prolly be cuter anyway) and I am thinking there is allot of wood in here that could use some sprucing up ;)

 My brother (there is 18 years between us so I grew up with his kids who were my age) had a van like this when I was growing up and I went on many a road trip and camping trip and later in life partied in a van just like this.  There are soo many great memories of that van and I think its great my girls will have the same. The girls are in love with this they think it is the funniest thing EVER! They haven't rode in the same seat twice and its hilarious that neither of them know what a actual cigarette lighter or ash tray is for lol.  You can tell they didn't grow up with Papa Ted around (my dad who died of lung cancer). I think Wally is hilarious and fun.  :) 

Don't get me wrong this won't be our every day vehicle because it would cost us a small fortune in gas.  but it is soo much fun and a great side vehicle.  For day to day use I will still be driving the silver bullet (our saturn ion)  I know our gas savings from hyvee are going to go to filling up this big boy and not the saturn and its little 12 gallon tank!  Anyway It is going to be a blast today we are taking this out for a ride to the local pool with a gf and her daughter. 

I can't wait to take load  this bad boy up wtih munchies and take him to the drive inn theater! Maybe we will even take a fun over night camping trip since the back turns into a bed I might be able to manage that in my getting bigger and more uncomfortable by the day pregnant circumstance. We will have to see I only have one month left to travel so would have to be quick.  Have a good day guys.

Monday, June 24, 2013

7 cute easy 4th of july nail designs.

 Since it is mani monday and 4th of july is just around the corner I thought it would be a great time to share some cute nail ideas for festive 4th of july nails.  I have been saving these babies up for a long time!!  So here we go.
1.  This is super easy and super cute.  It just has a sparkly silver on pointer fingers, middle and ring have blue with silver polka dots, and thumb and pinky are red with white horizontal stripes.   Fun, sparkly, and patriotic.
 2.  Have you seen a cuter patriotic pedi then this??  I think not.  one foot is painted red with verticle white stripes and the other is blue with white stars.  All you need for the stars is a star hole punch you can find them in the scrap booking section of any store for like 1.00 and some painters tape.  :)  If you want to make the stripes extra perfect you can cut little strips of tape to put down and just paint over then peel off.

3.  This is super adorable too and would be great for kids nails.  It has a metallic blue with white polka dots over except for the accent nail is white with one sparkly red star.  

This one is fun and red white and blue but leans a bit on the nautical side so it is less in your face patriotic to where you could wear it more then just the 4th.  For the stripes they used sally hansons french mani stickers and cut them to size painted a heart and put a top coat over.  Easy breezy.
Now this last one is extra awesome because it is three for one and a video tutorial by the awesome jennfabulous.  They are all easy and cute as can be. 

 I forgot one and had to come back and add it.  It was too cute to skip so you get a bonus 8th ;).  This is another one that is more under stated you have red nails except the two accent nails which one is glittery and one is blue and white stripes with a red heart over easy clean and cute :)

Let me know if you try any of these I haven't decided which I will be sporting yet but I am excited for sure.