Thursday, May 23, 2013

25w 1d update

Hey guys time for my weekly update.  Today I am 25weeks and 1 day.  I am definitely feeling it.  I am slowing down allot, more tired, and getting more clumsy, as well as more aches and pains.  I have this week and next week left until the 3rd trimester and I can tell.  It was like out of no where the symptoms popped up in the last week.   I have to be careful because I am very off center and took a fall in fire monsters room (mostly because it was a pig stye and we were fighting over cleaning it lol) but I didn't hit the belly so I was fine just hurt my leg and pulled some muscles. I have had to grab the hand rail on the stairs a few times when I had my hands full and I started tipping to far one way!  I have been sleeping poorly and having tons of crazy pregnant dreams last night there was lettuce growing under my toenail lol.  Don't ask me I have no clue!

It hasn't been all bad though.  I have loved feeling the little wiggle worm move more, and I even think he has had the hiccups once.  The girls can get him to kick now. Fire monster has read him books although she has had 0 patients for me having to rest more. We went and registered last weekend.  All in all still better then the last pregnancy.  I don't know who will be taking the picture for next week since monkey butt will be on vacation at her dads!  She has taken all the pics so far lol.  Anyway I am going to beg for a back rub from my sweet hubby :)  have a good one guys

Monday, May 20, 2013

monday mani

This is the first official day of summer break in my house!  I wanted to do a fun summery mani and it was a great chance to use my new insta-dri nail polishes I got dirty cheap with my 4$off coupon.   My first attempt on the accent nail was watermelon!  the nail was pink the tip was green with black dots...that was the theory anyway it didn't work out great so I cleaned that off and opted for this.  Still cute and fun bright summer colors.
The colors I chose with this was sally hansen insta-dri peachy breeze and lickety split lime.  I used my little tool that comes with my detachable knitting needles for the dots but you can use a retractable pencil or a bobby pin or even a sewing pin with a tiny ball on the end pushed into a pencil eraser.  There is a ton of ways to get the effect.  Well of to deal with my unruly children..gonna be a long 3 months.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

glowing and brozed summer look

 Since it has finally warmed up here I have been mixing it up.  I thought I would share with you my glowing bronze summer look and my fun mani.

I love the mani  I got my inspiration for it from where else but pinterest :)  I used essie in the cabana and sally hanson insta dri sonic bloom the accent nail is orly white tips with polka dots of the other two colors done over using one of the cable tightening tools from my knitting needles :)
As for my favorite make up look lately I have been wanting something simple dewy and I have changed in up on some things stuck to some oldies but goodies on others and added some new stuff in too.  Here is the look I am wearing today.

  Here is the makeup I am wearing for this look.
1 Maybelline smooth mouse foundation It gives my dry skin moisture and a dewy look
2revlon nearly naked powder to set concealer and tzone
3 hard candy bronzer in tiki (for highlight)
4 nyc sunny to contour
5 nyx blush in pinched
6 The darkest shade in this revlon color stay pallete for my outer v
7 wet and wild nutty on lid
8 covergirl concealer under my eyes in a upside down triangle
9 almay get up and grow mascara
All I need on a nice hot day is a maxi dress this glowing bronze summer look and a messy bun and I am set for the day (ps 24w 1d)

24w update.

The last week hasn't been super eventful. It was mothers day and we took a trip to the sioux falls zoo.  It is okay it is a bit bigger then the Como Zoo but no where near the size of of the Minnesota Zoo.  It was a chilly day but this week it has warmed up allot!!  It has been between 80s and 100s.  Typical minnesota 30s last week straight to 90s this week lol.  I have been feeling lots of baby movements.  And also realized that little Max loves music!  He really likes Lumineers ho hey for some reason lol.  I look up songs on youtube on my phone and set it on my belly so he can hear the music.  He seems to enjoy that.

This week is Monkey Butts last week of school! She has today and tomorrow left and then is done for the year.  Fire monster got done last week and has been home keeping my hands full.  The Drs.  Appt. went well things are good.  I have the dreaded glucose test again next appt.  So I am not really looking forward to that.  I haven't been sleeping great because my hubby has been transitioning to his summer over night hours so he gets up at 3am to head to work and if I wake up with out him there it is hard to get back to sleep.  So I got 1 good nights sleep so far this week.  Other then that pretty uneventful. Just extra sleepy and enjoying feeling the little guy moving in my belly :) That is about it for now.  Hope everyone is having a good week and all the mamas out there were treated well on mothers day.

Monday, May 13, 2013

23w update

I am super late with posting this update simply because I didn't like my photo so I kept procrastinating and putting off doing the update lol.  Pretty ridiculous I know but what do you do.  I had spent two long days hitting the city wide garage sales and finding some odds and ends I had needed for the baby.  I got tons of things I needed and saves a bundle which is always great right :)  I already posted photos of all the goodies and the progress on the room here.   I am still feeling good t I have noticed I think I have more energy so I start on big tasks and over do it and wind up exhausted and cranky.  I have got busy and forgot to eat a few times and wound up with low blood sugar (ick never a fun feeling) but I am still doing well.  This pregnancy has been much more like my first where things went fairly smooth with some normal no fun pregnancy symptoms but mostly smooth and uneventful where as pregnancy two was spotting the whole way through lots of scary unexpected things and bed rest most of the pregnancy!

 I do have more aches and pains then the first pregnancy but I am on my 3rd now and 10 years older then last time lol.  That is to be expected I suppose.  Well that is mostly it for what went on in the week before I took this pic sorry it took me so long to get this update up lol.  Promise that this week will be on time lol.  I have to get ready to go to cheer monkey butt on at track and field day woohoo.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

city wide garage sale baby haul

 This weekend was our city wide garage sale here in town.  Me and my g.f. who is also prego scoured the town for two days seeing what we could pick up for our babies.  I got more then I thought I would be able to come up with.  I had to share all the awesome baby goodies I scored.  I knocked our list of things we need for the little guy in half and only a couple bigger money items left (crib, travel system) 

I found a set of vinyl wall accents.  I have a few so I am still debating between them ;)

 I got a moby wrap which I am excited to use and a minky and satin blanky in perfect condition.
I got a whole laundry basket FULL of cute outfits, but I had to share a few favs.
 Like any good Minnesotan my little max has at least 7 vikings outfits (his daddy is super excited)
 I also scored a Minnesota gophers jersey and a few twins outfits.

This one I thought was soo cute I have another onsie just like this too.
  I got these little shoes with the tag still on (these are the best fire monster wore these allot. they don't fall off)
 I got him one of the little tummy time mats with the toys.
 a awesome bathtub with a little mesh thing to hold him when he is tiny.
 I got a perfect name brand boppi with a cover.
 a bouncy seat in perfect condition with all the little toys.
 a electric swing.
 A diaper champ.  (we used this with fire monster and it worked well)
 I got a changing pad for the changing table with a minky cover.
I spent less then 100$ on all of it (less then 85$) As completely exhausted as I am after two 13 hour days I am soo relived to have all these things checked off my list.  Now I just have a bunch of cleaning up and laundering to do and then finding places for all of it lol.  I am spending today hanging out in my house with the family and going NO where :)  Have a good one guys.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013