Friday, November 30, 2012

finished cabinet

 Okay so you know how on t.v. the little kid finds a animal ( like a kitten or what not) and says "Gee it followed me home can I keep it."  Well for me that happens with furniture lol.  Last week I was helping my lovely friend/neighbor Pat move some furniture and wound up with two new pieces to redo and incorporate into my house.  Here is the first one..

 It is a cute cabinet but kinda a drab brown color and had matching foam board taped into the open spaces on the one door (I had already ripped those out)

I had lots of paint left over from this project this summer so I decided since this is going in my livingroom which is connected to my kitchen I should use the rest of the paint.  Here is the finished product
 I pained the inside and body of the cabinet vanilla custard (or at least I think that was what it was called lol) the doors I painted lake superior blue (they will be easy to take off and repaint if I decide to move this some where else and need them different ) and the top bulldog
 I added chicken wire into the holes (harder to work with then you would think and I thought I bought stuff with smaller size holes but hard to tell in the roll!) I changed out the hardware for these that my sister grabbed me at hobby lobby
Here is a picture of the inside.  We have all of our dvds in here as well as our cable box, wii, and blue ray player.  I panted the front of the shelves brown to bring more of the color from the top back in. 
Here is the finished product again!  (and yes my kids are watching some old school muppet show on the tv... and no we don't have a flat screen yet we are the last in the world lol)

I hope you guys like it and I will share the next project soon :)

Monday, November 26, 2012

The decorations are officialy up!

Okay so today was the day that we dug the decorations out of the garage and decorated the house for Christmas.  We had cocoa and popcorn and got it all taken care of.  Here are some of my favorite things.

This is one of my fav ornaments from a few years ago.  It is just a cute glittery red pump.
These are some cute ornaments we made a few years ago taking empty glass bulbs and filling them with little foam balls from the dollar tree then writing names and years on them with a sharpie.

These are  cute little glittery trees we made from pine cones a few years back.  I love these they are just fun and sparkly.

Our ornament wreath I am shocked this thing is still alive!!  I did have to hot glue a few guys back on but she is still together

 and on my little shelf I put the trees I threw together last year.  I love these they are Styrofoam cones covered in yarn with buttons glued on.  I love them.  They were simple and are just cute.

 Here is one last favorite ornament to share our first "couples" ornament.  I love this one with the two snow people snuggling. 

 We buy at least one new different snow man ornament each year and we always do one special ornament for each person in the family each year.  :)  What are your guys traditions??  Well time for me to make a cup of tea and curl up to read until I fall asleep (so probably 10 minutes lol)  Have a good one guys.

Monday, November 12, 2012


Okay so I have made no secret of the fact that I have horrible eczema ridden dry scalp.  I have tried all kinds of crazy things in the past from oil mixtures, tea rinses with oils, wen, liquid steroid from the doctor.,any over the counter dry scalp shampoo there is  and going "no poo"  Even though no poo my hair was easier and worked better then any of the other treatments It wasn't gone.  My scalp was still dry and this time of year is the worst so you could see the dry patches through my hair.  

Probably about a month ago I was picking up some stuff at cvs with my sister in law and grabbed a travel size bottle of clears total care.  Here is what their website claims :Just as good soil is to a tree, a well nourished scalp is the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair. For years women have been treating the wrong end of their hair. CLEAR SCALP & HAIR BEAUTY THERAPY™ made with Nutrium 10™, nourishes the scalp, creating the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair.  So basically  the theory is is your scalp is healthy it will nourish your hair and make it healthy and strong.

Immediately there was a huge difference in my scalp.  I went and bought full size bottles of the dry scalp remedy (that was a bit heavy for every time I wash my hair) but I bought a big set of the total care and it works great I am flake free which I don't remember ever being.   It smells good and my hair is shiny and soft.

Here are a few picture of my hair recently.  I my hairline by my part is typically where I get some eczema.  I have even had to blur that spot before to post photos on here to cover up red nasty spots.  But now I have no dry patches creeping onto my forehead or any flakes it is such a relief.  Next time I go grocery shopping I am going to pick up some of the balm and nourish oils and I will let you guys know what I think of those.

I just thought I would share this discovery with you guys.  I hope I can help some of you guys with the same issues and I truly believe this shampoo would help regular hair too there is lots of different formulations (colored hair damaged hair ect.)  give it a shot and let me know what you think. 

great tutorial for wet and wild glass of shine

Okay guys I was soo super stoked to find the glass of shine wet and wild pallet and then like a act of god leighannsays on youtube (who is hylarious and I totally love her if you don't subscribe to her you totally should) posted a fabulous tutorial with it!!  This is my new fav look.  Here I am rocking it with my favorite new fuchsia lipstick. 

I rocked this look all weekend while I was in the city for fire monsters 5th birthday!  Yes I know it has been 5 years since I had the little fire monster crazy right!  Anywho I thought you guys would enjoy this video :)


 So I haven't got around to doing a finished object post in a long time and this one has been sitting around waiting to be shared for a while.  I knit hawthorne out of cascade 220 and it is huge!!

 I chose grey because I thought it went well with the big cozy comfort feeling of the piece.  Since it is more of a shallow shawl my favorite way to wear it is like this...
This pattern was great to knit and even greater to wear.  :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012

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3 huge makeup hauls / reviews

 Okay so all over youtube I have been hearing great things about the new limited edition wet and wild pallets and I was maybe just a bit bitter because I don't have a drug store any where with in even a hour of me really so I figured it was a pipe dream .  This morning I got up and dropped the girls at school and decided since it was my first day in 6 weeks with no kids and I had a 10$ reward credit at kmart (they have the best makeup selection in my town) I would treat myself.  I happened to venture into the holiday sets and there they were!!!  EEEEk  I got both sparkle til morning and drink a glass of shine...for free since I had a 10$ credit!! Can't beat that.  But I also had a coupon for $1 off a revlon lipstick and I have been dying to try fuscia 030 from them so I grabbed that and wanted a fuchsia berry colored polish so grabbed wet and wild.  

Then I ran to walmart to check out the pure ice shadows again because I loved my internationally know soo much.  So I didn't find any great berry colors maybe I was a Soverwhelmed by the huge selection in the display lol So I grabbed vintage glam (the mustard color) and crushed (the sparkly gold) .13$ total not bad lol. So I ran home to put on eye makeup before I had to head over for physical therapy.

 Okay so I mentioned I had a great haul last friday from ulta.  I had a few gift cards from returning a stippling brush that sucked and a eyeshadow pallet I wasent happy with and then I had I returned the two foundations I hated.  I also had a awesome coupon for 20% off my ENTIRE PURCHASE can't beat ulta really you can't and I don't have to feel super nervious about trying something new because they let you return things you aren't happy with!.  So since it is two hours away I went through and made a list of all the things I wanted to look for to try.  So before any discounts and what not this was 130$ after my bogos and 20% and the gift cards I paid $15.50 (granted I had a ton of money in gift cards for returning stuff that didn't work for me)

 Sooo I labelled things by # for make it eaiser.  here is what I got::#1I bought loreal infallible lipsticks in 814 forever frappe and 337 refined ruby.  I love love love the ruby color it is great on any skin tone and doesn't smudge and last FOREVER with out being dry and flaky. forever frappe is great too for a match anything. #2  two maybelline dream smooth mousse foundations (110 and 150 knew I loved this and they were buy one get one half off)#3loreal bb cream in fair (jury is still out of this one folks am wearing it by its self today so we will see) #4 Revlon color stay normal to dry skin in 150 buff  (not sure on that yet either) #5 Loreal true match lumi in color w1-2 light ivory warm ( I have really loved this so far it makes me dewy is build able we will see) #67 revlon lip butter in creme brulee # 095 (this is a great nude lip) #7 maybelline line stiletto (not as good as loreal carbon intense black) #8 nyx caviar and bubbles eye palette (it is a dop for urban decay naked palette and I do like it I love the white it is soooooo hard to find a matte white with good pay off and this is one. )  #9maybelline fit me blush in medium coral (not great color pay off I am very fair but I should have gone dark coral and really don't care for this)#10 physicians formula happy booster in translucent ( I have had my eye on this but it is a bit pricier for drug store so I figured with 20% off why not it is okay I love the smell probably wouldn't repurchase but don't regret )#11 I bought nyx o2 white not knowing there would be a great one in the other pallete. but it is great matte white.

I have one more haul to share with you from kmart earlier this week.

#1 elf contouring blush and bronzing powder.  (I love this it was 3$ and a great little set pigment is great)  #2 milani baked blush in 05 luminoso (is a nars orgasm knock off it is 6.99 is okay prolly wouldn't repurchase) #3 is wet and wild blush in pearlescent pink (love love love this blush it is another nars orgasm knock off but color pay off is huge be careful lol t it has a nice sparkle and is 2.99) #4 wet and wild blush in mellow wine (another great blush huge pay off these are super pigmented so be careful 2.99) #5 I got a elf eyelash curler (don't usually use one but thought for 1$ can't beat this) and a elf small angled brush( to use with my gel eyeliner good I think it was 3$) #6 jordana fabuliner $1.99 ( eleventhgorgeous on youtube always talks about this but I think it didn't have great color wasent super black maybe it was just me but I think the elf liquid felt tip is better and it is 1$  and # 7 wet and wild eye pallete silent treatment 2.99(Tiffany d is supposed to be doing a tutorial on a cute look she was wearing the other day with this so grabbed it lol) 

Here is what I am wearing today :
 This  the fuchsia lip stick and for eyes I am using the eyelid color from the right pallete on my inner lid and crease color from the left on my outter lid (copper color) and I have the the right side definer color on my outer v area. Jordana fabuliner my loreal mascara

 I have on the loreal bb cream only, then I used the elf palette to contour and I have on the wet and wild pearlesent pink blush.  I set it all with my remmel stay matte translucent powder

I know that pic was at a weird angle that makes my nose look like it is even huger lol but is shows the eye make up well.  So as I threw on my eye makeup I noticed that my ceiling is leaking water onto my window in my girl cave so now I am sitting and spending my first day with no kids in like 6 weeks waiting on a plumber!!!! booo.  Have a good day guys.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fall nails

I had to share this with you guys!  I am in love with this nail polish.  I grabbed it on a whim with my sis at walmart the other day.  It was mega cheap 1.99 I am wearing ice internationaly know and my accent nails have ice hot mama over them.  I used a new top coat I grabbed.  It is the best thing ever!  It totally beats out my fav top coat gelous it which is like $8 it is sally hanson intsta dry and it is in a red bottle and was $3.  It is chip protector super shiny and DRIES IN 30 SECONDS. Yes it does no joke! And I worked the craft fair doing jewelry stuff and they should have been chipped to peices but are just now looking a tiny rubbed on the tips and its been 5 days! So give it a shot ladies I love it :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Pioneer woman (Ree Drummond) at m.o.a.

 So yesterday I got to go see Ree Drummond at mall of america.  I got my sister Melissa to go with and My sister in law Amber.  It was awesome.  I was super excited I even convinced my niece to help me curl the back of my hair lol  This was in the car on the way wearing my new fav lip stick. 
 We got there about 12 and we sat on the floor in the rotunda for 2 hours.

 She did finally come she is awesome.  She was funny and sweet.

 She did like a little power point that was fun.

She of coarse was nervous since she hates public speaking .

We got out books signed and got our pics taken with her.  I was in severe back pain here from sitting on the ground for two hours lol.  My sister melissa is on the left and my sister in law amber is on my right here. 

We left from there grabbed a cupcake some popcorn and headed home lol.  She is amazing was worth the dead legs and sore back :)

My makeup rutine step by step (includes contouring, highlighting, and copper smokey eye with wet and wild petal pusher)

 Okay so this is sorta a scary post ,but it will show the difference between with out make up ,and with make up.  I will aslo show how I do my make up and what I use step by step.  My pics aren't going to be perfect and ignore the mod podge that is permanently on my desk in the girl cave. With out further ado here we go..

 Okay so here is me with half my make up done.
 The side with full make up and contouring

 the side with out make up done.. notice the redness, double chin, and sparse eyebrows.
 Okay so I start with lotion.  This works best on my dry skin I love it.  and I prime my face with the chub rub cream as I call it lol.  Really it is a anti chaffing cream but it is the exact formula or smash box photo finish primer but way less and I can grab it from walmart.

 Then I apply my foundation and I use this brush (I want to say it is eco tools or something of that sort)  I do one coat then touch up any problem areas.
 Here is the difference after that step.
 Then I contour my face I use sunny by nyc it is a matte bronzer so it works perfect.  I use my bare minerals brush usually
 Here is where I apply my contouring.. I drew right where I do it from my ear to the corner of my mouth just UNDER my cheek bones, then around my hair line then under my chin/jawline to cut down on double chin.

 here is after that step.
 Then I apply this blush with this brush.
 to the apple of my cheeks and back just above where I put my contouring right on top of my cheek bones.
 Next since I am doing a smokey eye I do this step I apply my fat eye pencil to the lash line and slightly higher and blend it with this nessa's naturals brush.
Here is after that step

 Now it is brows I forgot this step I normally do this after my foundation.  but I use a bed head pencil in blond and nyc brow powder and a angled shadow bush.  I do the pencil first filling in gaps and concentrating on the arch  and outter edge where I am sparse.  Then I dab the brown shadow color and dab a bit off on my hand and I fill in with that I start at arch then outer edge and work my way in.  It looks more natural when you use two colors if it gets a bit dark run a brow brush through.

Okay as for shadow I broke it down for you I was using wet and wilds petal pusher pallet.   
color 1: I covered the lid and up into the crease and under bottom lash line.
color 2: blended lightly up above the crease
 color 3: I dabbed in the outer corner and then blended upward into the crease a bit using the fluffy rounded brush. I also swept under the bottom lash line outer corner
color 4: was my highlight just under my brow

 Here is after shadow and brow
 Then I line my upper lash line in loreal carbon black intense and wing it slightly up at end. and line my water line in bed heads black liner.
 Progress pic.
A good coat of loreal mascara in black.

 Next I set everything with a this powder careful not to do my under eye area

 Now I put my maybelline concealer under my eye and in a triangle like so
I blend it out with my bare minerals concealer brush.  This step brightens and wakes up your face.
 here is the finished product.

Now sadly I get to cover it all with glasses lol.

Hope you like it if you have any questions please comment and I will get back to you.