Monday, October 22, 2012

Technical difficulties

This is my laptop cord notice the lack of little metal prong!! There is a new one in the mail I expect things to resume shortly lol

technical difficulties

just a heads up guys I didn't abandon you I am anxiously awaiting a new lap top cord I have a fun blog post waiting trapped in there as we speak. As soon as it shows up i will be back

Monday, October 15, 2012

liquid foundation reiews.

 So with the weather change my skin changes.  It becomes more dry and hard to deal with.  My foundation can make my skin look dry and flaky.  I have bought MANY different drug store brand foundations lately and decided I should do a review for you guys on what is the best foundation for dry skin. That way you know what is out there, and wither it is worth the money or not.  I live in a area where I have to grab drug store brands as the nearest sephora, mall, or anything like such is over a hour and half away.    I prefer to buy things I can get my hands on now.

Now before I start this review let me tell you my skin type is dry.  I am prone to get eczema this time of year I rarely get break outs except the occasional pimple on my chin. I like a foundation to cover my freckles and not make my skin look flaky I don't like thick cakey foundations either .  So here we go.  I will rate them on a scale of 1-5 5 being good.


 The first was Maybelline dream liquid mousse.  I didn't care for this one that much.  The coverage wasn't fabulous and it did seem to leave me some what flaky.  I have read in reviews that it is great for acne prone skin and doesn't clog pores.  It was great for my neighbor and she looks fabulous in it but I haven't been as impressed.  The prices is around 8.50 and you can usually find a buy one get half of and with coupons that comes out to be pretty inexpensive.    The packaging is okay and I don't mind a pump but I am thinking it will be hard to get every last bit but not messy which I would prefer.   I probably won't repurchase this one


 Next is Neutrogena Health skin liquid makeup with spf 20.  I used this makeup ALLOT last winter and over summer.  I think it has great coverage.  It leaves my skin smooth and I can still look a bit flaky but not too bad.  This is supposed to be a dupe for Nars foundation.  It is supposed to be non pore clogging also and if I had to choose between this and the previous maybelline one I would say this one for sure.  I do not care for the packaging.  Lot of waste and mess. This is more like $13.00 a bottle, But I can say I would probably buy this again.
Okay next is the maybelline instant age rewind eraser makeup treatment.  I love the packaging of this one.  It is non messy.  You twist the cap and the product goes on the sponge (which is anti microbial) and then swipe it around and then use a makeup sponge,fingers,or brush to smooth in.  I either use my sonia kashuk make up sponge or my foundation brush.  This has fairly good coverage.  It is smooth and feels like a serum or a primer.  That might bother some people but I like it.  I think it is light and doesn't leave me flaky.  I didn't prefer it in summer thinking it might not have as good staying power in our humidity.  But all in all I rebuy it and I have gone through several tubes of the under eye concealer which I wear every day.
Nyx  hd studio photogenic foundation is next.  I had high hopes for this after seeing reviews and went out of my way to ulta to buy this last trip there and was pretty disappointed. It has a chemical smell to it.  The coverage is medium to light.  It isn't drying and doesn't make me look flaky but I don't really care for it either.  If I wear it I put other things on my more problematic areas.  The price is more like $15.00 a bottle and it isn't readily available in my town.  So probably won't repurchase this one. 

Okay maybelline dream smooth mousse. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this foundation.  It is in a compact pot type of container that screws off.  Don't confuse this with the matte mousse. This is moisturizing goes on smooth and has great coverage.  I apply this with my foundation brush.  It is light and moisturizing and blends in wonderfully.  It covers my freckles and problem areas.  I apply it all over then touch up the areas like my freckles and use a concealer brush with this to touch up any redness or blemishes.  It runs around $8.50 and with buy one get one half offs and coupons it comes out to be very inexpensive.  I have heard complaints that it isn't horribly long wearing but I use Remmel stay matte translucent powder to set it and it stays all day for me.  It is thin enough I could touch it up if need be though.  I would repurchase this and expect to hit pan so I will be keeping my eye out for the next buy one get one ;)

Those are my thoughts if you guys have any great recommendations on your favorite foundation for dry skin let me know.  I would love to hear.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

new fall hair color and glasses...

 So we have had a fairly low key weekend and week around here.  We did the girl scouts centennial project yesterday which was raking leaves at a local park to prevent them from entering a near by river and turning into fosforus  and killing fish.  It went great and was a beautiful day for it.  They I went home and made homemade chicken noodle soup and rosemary buns.  I hung out watching tv with my hubby and had game night with the girls, gave my hubby a haircut, and colored my hair for fall..
 I went darker then normal with this rich chocolate brown.  We have been having some changes and transitions around here and one of them is I now need to wear glasses all the time not just to read.

So these are the ones I chose.  I have been not feeling and super tired so trying to take it easy and take things one things at a time. Apparently my thyroid is off (hypo).  I have never had this problem and don't know what to expect so if any of you have dealt with this ad have any advice I would love to hear your advice. What your levels should be and what not lol I am lost!!

Another thing that is going on is one of my girl friends needed some help with her baby girl for about a month until her hubby returns from Afghanistan.  So during the week I have been chasing after a 1 year old.  A cute as a button busy little one year old.  Then when my hubby gets home I nap lol.  Well I am going to go get some knitting done or maybe nap lol.

Friday, October 12, 2012

drawing winner...

Congrats to  Eriann Marie Faris for winning a free custom headband

Thank all the rest of you for your support and better luck next time :)

Friday, October 5, 2012

free fall line headband drawing :)

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