Wednesday, December 14, 2011

What youve missed

So tons has been going on and I haven't always had time to stop and share with you guys. I threw a couple of things up from my phone quick though. :) Since fire monster started her first year of school this year I decided I should knit her a sweater and here it is. I made jb048 from james c brett and I love the pattern but hated marble chunky!!!

Here is the back you can see the pretty braided cable there a bit better. :) I really do love it.
This is going to be a very random post of things I just haven't remembered to share with you guys so please don't mind me. But here is another milk glass lamp I grabbed and made into a bed side lamp. Found the lamp shade at the ever evil walmart for 5$!!!! I think it works perfect since this is more of a brass then the silver my others have been and I don't have to paint this way besides it was in quiet nice condition.

Here is a little side table I refurbished by painting it grey and yellow with some different disigns I made using painters tape. I think it is super cute. It is still in Italy Ava.

This is what I did with my family pictures I had them made into copies with a plain old color copy machine and we got the to the right size in black and whites and then did the color copies when we got it right and even with paying for all the mess ups it was just over 3$!! then I decoupaged them onto wooden boxes I got on clearance at Micheals and hung them with twine from a sign my sister had given me. It said martini lounge and I didn't need that so I painted it with chalk board paint and there you have it our family wall art was born :)

These are another great find that I am just in love with. These vintage suitcases cost me a total of 2.50!! Granted when I bought them they were ugly and the little one said property of Jane and Tarzan ski on the side but I painted them out and then bought some wall decals and cut them into the shapes I wanted stuck them on the side and I have adorable matching luggage for us and the kids :) I love them too much

Aren't they soo cute. Anyway I am up to my ears in custom orders for the shop and have errands to be running any minute when the hubby gets home from work :) I hope to share more with you guys soon. I will have to show you what happened to some of the mess ups from the copy shop here in town ;)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So I haven't posted in ages (sorry guys) I have been crazy busy working but I had to share my holiday decorations so far this year :) Here is the tree so far. We don't do one of the fancy matching trees. Our tree is all sentimental ornaments we add to every year. (and I can't find my tree skirt lol)

Here are the pine cones me and evea made last year and I made some christmas trees with foam cones I hot glued yarn around them and added some buttons. I haven't found any thing I like for the tops yet :)

Here is my ball wreath I made last year :)
I chose to stick with the peacockish colors I used on the wreath and I have a unhealthy obsession with Christmas bulbs So I So this is the table this year.
Here is our living room book shelf. :)
and this is something that we whipped up the other day with a thrift shop frame and some ribbon and christmas bulbs

That is mostly it :) I have a swag on the door from a gfs daughters fundraiser. and my big white coffee filter on is on the inside of the front door. Well people time to get back to work. I can't have people getting frostbite on their ears because I am knitting to slow lol.