Tuesday, November 1, 2011

crock pot catastrophe

so yesterday was Halloween. Which means a busy day in our house. I was up early showered and ready to drive fire monster to school on time (which is rare in our house) went to grab the spare keys (since monkey butt lots my set) and ben had taken my keys so I was late anyway. So I went to her party came home threw a roast in MY NEW TWO WEEK OLD CROCK POT with all the accompaniments since we were having the neighbors over for dinner and then went down to vacuum where I found someone *cough monkey butt* cough must have vacuumed up a gerbil or something there was a huge clog I had to dig out of my vacuum hose then when that lovely drawn out process was over and I actually got vacuuming done I went up to tidy up and found there was some BBQ sauce leaking onto the counter under the crock pot. I thought that is weird and grabbed some pot holders and went to lift out the ceramic part and that is when this happened!!!


yup still in the bottom of the pan I stabbed the roast with a fork threw it in a pot on low in the oven and added all the onions, BBQ sauce, bell pepper ect. again and went on my way. But seriously. I think I must have a talk with the crock pot people. Every one is like" you should return it" but how the heck am I supposed to return this mess !! and the worst part I don't have a crock pot again and I just replaced my one that got cracked in the move!!! dang it.

This is how my days have been latley lol Well I have nothing happening tomorrow so after my first day of work at italy ava today I crawled into my pjs and I don't plan on getting out any time soon (unless it is to take a nice long bath)