Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sale and New earflap owl hats

I wanted to update you guys on two new things. I just launched my new ear flap owl hats on my etsy shop!!

They are cute customizable and I can make then in any size. :)
Also I decided it was time to run a sale and I chose my ...
Super cozy chunky soft garter stitch cowls.

Tons of great ways to wear them and they are so soft and warm and come in a ton of colors and...

best of all $22.00 off for two weeks !!! Here is a link if you want to take advantage to grab a new cozy piece for the winter or maybe start your holiday shopping :)And good news the cute yellow and grey side table went in Italy Ava and right back out to some loving home! I thought it was soo cute I am not shocked I hope they love it as much as I did. :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

my latest refurbs

I don't know how you guys spent m.e.a. weekend but I got to drive back up to the cities with my girls to see my family. The time in between visits was a bit longer then usual this time and I was missing my family something terrible. It was soo nice to be home even if my hubby stayed home to work some over time.
I always sleep at my older sisters in my nieces room. She gives up her bed for me and the girls/ hubby since she has a double bed. One thing that has driven me crazy this past few visits is no bed side lamp!! I have to turn out the light and stumble my way back to bed and then god forbid I need to see to grab my phone or something. Sooo I made a mental note to look for a lamp to refurb for her. I found this milk glass one similar to mine and knew this was it and if she didn't want it I would keep it. Well no such luck she like it.

I panted the worn metal silver and then recovered the lamp shade in some zebra fabric and added some ribbon the the top and bottom and there you have it a super cute little lamp that otherwise would have been passed up and it made things more comfy for my trip. I love to use the little flat part at the bottom to throw my chap stick or jewelry on at the end of the evening. :)
After that me and my sis looked around because she was sure we could find something to do with the rest of the zebra fabric and I found this..
My nieces desk chair it is wrote all over and stained on the cushion.
We painted it black and recovered the cushion in the zebra print and bam super cute chair.
another project my sis had lined up for me was a rolling tv stand she had thrifted and wanted to make into a upholstered ottoman. We lucked out that the top of this will just pop off so we removed it then we wrestled (literally) the egg crate out from under my nephews but on his futon and cut two pieces then we lined then up together threw some batting over that and the fabric staple gunned it on and then put it back together and she has a great big upholstered ottoman that cost roughly $20 (7 for tv stand, 8 for fabric, and a few bucks for batting)
then I came home and set to work on some of my projects. Here is a side table I thrifted a while back it is on wheels and it has some water damage that wouldn't sand out. But after a bit of love I still think it is adorable.
I panted it in grey and yellow.
I got these shutters and painted then for some mail/ bill sorters and I am going to put hooks in the bottom for keys to hang. The black ones are chalk board paint.
This is a great little shelf that I found and repainted. I think it is fabulous.
This is another table that I painted. I had decided to try the lace painting technique I am seeing allot lately. I did silver over the wood color.
I also painted the legs and edges and any extras silver also.
I have a few more things that I have yet to finish. :) I will have to save then for another day. I am going to get in a bit of work on some knitting and then head off to bed :) Hope you guys had a great weekend too!
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

chunky cable throw pillows

Last week I made some great throw pillows out of cable sweater for Italy Ava .
I fell in love with them. They are some of my favorite pieces so far.
So I have been busy making a few more.

I apologize for the sub par photography but here is a pretty pear green pillow :)

This is a fabulous grey one with cables and seed stitch.
This is one I made out of the left overs from the first set.
As well as this cream one out of left overs. I am loving these and I am not sure if they will stay with me or go up for sale I am not certain yet. But I am loving them :)
I am having a tough time getting my knitting done my ulnaritus is acting up and has been super painful the past few day so I am on my way to the chiro hoping she can fix me up. So sewing these pillows was a nice break although not easy lol. Well I need to cook some lunch before I head off to the chiro . :) I hope you guys enjoy seeing then great new pieces as much as I enjoy making them. If you make your own I would love to see the pics :) They can go to :)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

rocker and side/ottoman finished product

Okay so I finished up the rocker and ottoman set. Here is a picture collage showing the beginning product and the end after reupholstering, painting, and distressing. I also have the side table that I made into a ottoman.

my hubby is going to take out the extra rung on the left side and it will be good to go.

It has a very thick cushion and is very comfy. The ottoman was a very uncute side table. I sawed the legs in half painted and distressed them and then I upholstered the top and it makes the perfect ottoman for this rocker.

Hopefully it goes to a good home where it rocks many a sweet baby and has many a book read on it by someone snuggled in with a cup or tea and warm socks. :)

As for my own home, I picked this little guy up at gathering of gals. It is a shelf with hooks made out of shutters. But it was white and blended right in with my walls so I painted and distressed it in this blue that fits well in my kitchen. Perfect to hold my pens and dry erase markers and most of all keys because it is right here..

Right inside the back door . I also have my ikea shoe drawers there and the chore chart and this..

The wine crate we use as a shoe box. It used to be my side table when I was very young and lived with my sis!!!
I was shabby chic when that was just broke lol. Who knew lol. Well I have lots of knitting to catch up on and I need a shower because I am covered in spray paint AGAIN. Also we had a sleep over last night that didn't go very well and required me getting out of bed lots of times to sooth many a tear so I am exhausted and cranky. Well I suppose I will hide down stairs from foot ball and kids so I can knit :)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More family pics

Steph my gf just posted more family pics of me and the hubby she took. I love them. This is me and my hubby :) Who I am missing big time because he has been away for training ALL week!! he gets home today.

I can't wait for him to get home. We have date night tomorrow night :)

and this right here is my favorite. I have on about a gallon of eye make up and this made me cry!!! Fire monster is SUCH a daddies girl and she has always rubbed ears when she gets tired. You know she is sleepy when she is rubbing your ear. This pic was at the end of the photo session and she was tired and getting cranky. This is such a tender little pic of my fire monster.

I am going to get some work done now and enjoy my little break from the monster while she is at preschool. :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The girl cave/ craft room rearranged

So I promised you the other day that I would show you the girl cave/ craft room. I had to change a few things since I moved things around. This area mostly stayed the same I have a new magnet board there and this houses yarn and knitting books.

This is my sitting and knitting spot and in the back is where present wrapping stuff goes.

Here is my sewing table/ desk. I also took down the ikea cubbie bar that was next to my side of the bed and it went here but I also did something brilliant to it that we did at my sisters..

I had a broken tape measure (a few actually ) that wouldn't retract so I cut it and taped it to the edge of the table for cutting like so.

but the biggest change was that I moved the sofa table into my room so there was a gap there and since my new dresser is where this shelf was it moved into the girl cave, where is was very much needed for storage of various crafting goodies and mailing things for my etsy shop and blah blah blah.

So there you have it. It isn't perfect yet there are still things I am going to change but I am enjoying the way things are soo much and Mrs Laura (my gf) is right" no person in the right mind needed that much storage in their bedroom" (not that I have ever claimed to be in my right mind) but I really was needing more in my girl cave and this fit the bill.

Soo I have tons of knitting to do since I am super behind. I threw my back out early this week doing all this refurbishing and moving and was worthless most of the week. So I am playing catch up now. I have orders mostly filled but I have a few other things that I want to throw together for the shop and I have a few new pieces I got out thrifting today but I will have to save those for another day. I am only one person people :)enjoy your weekend I am off to knit as fast as my fingers will fly :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

whats in your crock pot tonight??

Well moving furniture I threw out my back Monday. So I have been baby it since Monday and in pain and today I gave in and went to the chiropractor and I have to coupon shop tonight plus take it easy so dinner is in the trusty crock pot. I am make this recipe from my pintrest board that is from here .

She is brilliant you just throw cream cheese, chicken, diced tomatos, corn and black beans there. I also threw in a bit of left over green chillis from last night and some diced olives from Sunday :)

I have made it one other time and it is super yum as calvin would say

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

newest refurbs and rooms rearranged

I have a few new refurbs to share with you guys. First off is this rocker I got . It is super sturdy and comfy and is in good condition the cushion is super thick and it is very nice to sit in..but not super cute

I sanded it down painted it and recovered it in this grey blue and purple fabric and scotch guarded that.

This one is probably going to wind up going but not until there is room in the shop.

Here is my other refurb this one is staying home with me though :)

nice 6 drawer dresser ugly pulls though. and a bit beat up but the drawers open and close nicely. I have been waiting for something like this for quiet some time

This one is part way done I am thinking of doing something esle to the front and I need to get the right pulls. but it is painted a nice grey to match in my bedroom and I am sick on trying to get my drawers open so there is ribbon for pulls until I get the ones I want :) I had it some where else in my room after lots and lots of moving furnature. Then yesterday was tuesday morning coffee with the girlfriends and my brillant girl freind Laura said "nope all wrong" (she was right and I love her for telling me) So my hubby got home and I got to break the news to him again that his evening was to be spent moving furnature again. So Here is my room now..

I am not done with it by any means but is cute then before. I am going to get two shelves like the one on my side of the bed and fabric the insides for side tables :) I moved the sofa table from in the girl cave (the up dated girl cave is tomorrows post)

the dresser is where the shelf was before with the tv on it

I put the white picture and the milk glass that was on the kitchen table on the sofa table.

So here is that side of the bed.

Here is to the other side of the dresser..

I backed the dresser with damask fabric and moved one side table there to hold the printer and printer paper and what not and use as a side table it will be a seating area and for now the rockers home until there is room in the shop.

The pictures on the wall were on the side table at the hubbies side and I am going to add more black frames with family pics

Here is another angle of that

and since I stole the table decorations this moved up from the girl cave and was filled with peas and a candle

So here is the table now.

Well I better get some chores done and feed fire monster lunch before she takes matters into her own hands

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

family photos

My hubby has been on me forever that we needed new family photos. He was very right seeing as our last family photo monkey butt was fire monsters age, and fire monster wasn't even a thought yet and we weren't married!!! It has been a long time. So before our last trip to the cities I talked to (i.e. begged) my gf Steph to take some for us and she (as brilliant as she always is did a fabulous job) even though that morning I had to rush to get Monkey Butt from her dad and then meet my hubby who was rushing back from a cabin weekend with the boys (and really was right I should have cut his hair before the pics but meh what do you do) they turned out great.
Here is a great one of us ..

This one is fun and I was very impressed because all of us girls were in desperate need of a pedi and basically just had polish on our big toes but she made us look good and some how made our toes have light pink polish on them!!

This one is soooo us. Monkey butt has her crazy hysterical laugh even fire monster my serious girl has a grin.

here is my serious girl now. She actually has blue eyes but this is just something to do with the way the light hit them.

here is another really nice one of us

here is my monkey butt showing off all of her freckles. I love love love this pic of her so much.

here is all of us standing out on the dock.

This is one of us sitting on the stairs that lead down to the dock

and here is another super great one of my girls. This is a very them picture that she captured.

I love the job that she did and I can't wait to do some cool things with these and put them out around the house. I love them soo much. Hope you guys enjoyed seeing them as much as I did