Monday, January 31, 2011

valentines day table.

I have two things to share. I wanted to show my new valentines day table. It is missing a nice red table runner but other then that it is revamped.

these are some valentines day place matts I got at target last year and and I got the "table cloth" actually a shower curtain (they work great as table cloths and are very easy to clean and care for)
I also did a revamp on my hurricane glasses.

the little foam things are from the 1$ store.

But now the other thing I wanted to share is I am starting a second blog. It is letters from juliet . I have had been sorta going through some stuff with my first love and I thought this blog would be a great way to vent some sadness about the whole thing. :) So please read enjoy and remember this is a no judging zone! I am only human people. I have gone through things like everyone else out there in the world I am not perfect ;) and one more thing I found out my hubby is getting a new job today and we will be moving 3 hours away from my family friends and life. But on the plus side this is a great career opportunity for my hubby and I will love and support him through this whole mess of moving. :) hmmm I feel a long bath coming on to shirk my responsibilities. see ya later

Saturday, January 29, 2011

sick socks

So after spending Tues -Thur dead in bed sick as a dog getting worse by the day but I kept telling my self it was the flu or a viral infection no point on going in ..I mean really what is a throat so sore you feel like a new born vampire, fever, body aches, congestion, cough, and stomach pains right..I mean if you go in you'll just get the good old "its viral drink lots of fluids and get rest" or its the flu. So I layin bed waiting to die I didn't sooo much as sit on my couch!!! But Thursday night my little monkey butt woke up crying about a sore throat and I called the nurse line and made her a appointment. right away..I mean she is just a kid there has to be something they can do for my poor baby...well she had there for I have strep throat.
Today is day two of antibiotics she is good as new of coarse but I am still running between 25% and 50% depending on when you catch me. So while I was in bed when I was awake and lucid some of the time I could knit. I finished off these..
Its java socks from they are okay not my favorite socks I have ever knit and the yarn cascade heritage not my fav. but I got them done and they do conform nicely to feet I will give them that.
They have a patterned arch which is interesting and different.
After all those tiny tedious cables and feeling like death I decided I needed to knit something simple but not boring. I chose..
Hagrids mystery motorcycle socks they were interesting enough to keep me going, not complicated enough to kill me and still manly enough for my hubby and would go good to try out the new knit picks chroma (very rough reminds me of a noro type yarn not my thing necessarily) but the colors are interesting I believe I chose northern woods for him ? anyway here was just before the heel
I had to hurry to get this pic before the sun went down lol. but I am still not feeling too great so I am going to find a good movie to put on and curl up with these socks. :) Hope every one is doing great and sorry so sporadic lately lol
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

sooo sick

Well some home I caught the flu. I have been in bed for three days straight now with no end in sight. I am miserable. My sister kept fire monster tues afternoon while the hubby worked and I had her yesterday (very interesting and I am still shocked that everyone made it out alive..namely me) and today my lovely sister in law is going to keep her. I have already dozed off once in my bed surrounded by tissues. Yesterday I worked up a bit of energy to work on these..
The pattern is java socks from knitty and the yarn in heritage by cascade. I can't say I love the pattern so much or the yarn. but meh oh well. They do seem to conform nicely to the foot so far when I put them on though. I have been lucky enough to have this sweet girl..
who is pretty good at helping her mama out and taking care of her and hanging out :) She is and will always be my little savior :) Well I need to eat , nap, drink 200 liters of crystal light, and tea and go through 5600 more tissues so I will talk to you guys later...if I survive this yeash.
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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

hmm what a day...

So this morning I finished up orders for etsy and I premiered my cotton candy pink and vanilla cupcake hats

I am soo glad they finally started making a pink in charisma geez.

isn't it just good enough to eat lol
here is fire monster modeling one.
and here is the adult size (don't' mind the crappy phone pix lol) but once I got all my orders set to go out I headed off to the gym

Yes this is how I roll I look like something out of the lollipop guild I know but the socks are comfy I always ALWAYS wear knee socks to work out and those gym Capri's stay up really well while I run but 2 miles in I was headed off by a urinary tracked infection and spent the rest of my morning like this..
In the tub with a skinny sf vanilla and Carmel latte extra foam (hey with no whip you do what you can lol) and the British show being human on the computer until I could get into the doctors. well Now I am off to do a few chores assisted by the monsters then curl up in bed. night guys
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sick day :(

this is what happens when aimee is sick or having a bad day laptop and being human and a northern lights vanilla carmel latte in the tub til my drs appt
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Monday, January 17, 2011

roller derby day woot woot

So on Friday my big sis called and asked if I wanted to go to the roller of coarse I soo wanted to go to the roller derby duh. I was so super excited on Saturday I got dressed up in derby appropriate gear..

So did she with her girls rule t-shirt

met up with Beth and Shayle and went out to dinner at hells kitchen in Minneapolis. My chicken sandwich was yummoo my drink not so much lol but its all good.

then got back to the convention center for some roller derby.

We are soo sold if I had time for practices I would sooo be begging to join lol

There was lots of interesting and silly stuff going on there.

I got a delta delta di shirt lol.

We were reading through the program on the way home and deciding whose name we would be if we were the roller derby girls Beth (officer Beth) would be bookem dano, my sis (who is a questionable driver) would be mama crash and I would be ninja kitty. but mean taylor renamed me I would be aim howitzer lol (my maiden name is hauser so it is pretty funny) Anyway I rejoined ww officially this last week and am going Strong. I have been tracking everything and made it to the gym 5 days last week and went today too. I am always going to be nervous for weigh in Wednesday at the meeting. Well hope you all are having a great day I am off to finish cleaning :)
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

chocolate pumpkin weight watchers muffins/mac and cheese

So now that I officially joined weight watchers and am back on the wagon healthy eating wise I need healthy snacks around for when I am tempted to stray. These are one of my families favorites..

they are chocolate chocolate chip muffins. They are soo easy and soo good. I do a double batch and freeze at least half to try to slow us down eating them lol. You just mix one can of pumpkin puree with one devils food cake mix that is it bake them at 400 for 20 min. The batter will be very thick do not add water. I thought they were missing something and I add half bag of semi sweet chocolate chips yeah it adds a extra point but it is well worth it :)

when I double the batch it makes 3 dozen large muffins and I totally recommend using the foil cupcake wrappers they work the best for sure and I love these valentines color ones I got :)

Then for dinner I finally used those little baking dishes I bought. I mixed up some weight watchers mac and cheese with some dream fields low carb noodles.

We all picked our separate mix ins the girls had only broccoli,my hubby had peppers and turkey pepperoni and I had green olives, turkey pepperoni and broccoli.

My hubby will come home to some treats after work tonight :) I am doing good keeping track so far. It will take me some time to adjust to the new point system but I have lost 3 pounds so far and made it to the gym every day this week. Even drug my hubby to bosu today (little Stacy my tiny tiny teacher had him begging for mercy lol)

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

coffee filter wreath

While I am sitting her locked in my room in the dark blaring my ipod going to my happy place and pretending not to hear the screaming and chaos in the other room (bed time at my house is always like a bad episode of super nanny) I figured I would show you guys the little craft we did tonight
I made this at my sister a while back and was just in love with the way it turned out and needed one for my house

So this is what we did with our evening...

I in listed monkey butt to help me with this it is super easy. All you need is a wreath from the dollar store it is sticks all twisted up, a hot glue gun, and a pack of coffee filters.

Monkey butt got the blister free job of folding coffee filters like so
then I would glue them on the wreath ( I had a photo of this but it disappeared off my phone) but I would go side middle other side as a glued them on and occasionally I would fold the filters yet again to add some extra puff. Once I got the whole circle filled I filled any sparse looking spots with a filter folded that one extra time :)
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i love my camera phone

So I recently was messing around and found my camera on my phone has so awesome editing feature and I have been messing around and having way too much fun. I have a cliq from tmobile. Here is what I have done

this is the original photo..

this is with the oil painting :)

this is with spot light it gives it a nice vignette..

this is with glow..

this is with antique..

here are some other photos I have edited on my phone this one I used glow and cropped

this one I used antique and spotlight..

same with this antique and spot light

this one is glow and spot light

this one is sketch

and this one is lumos

I have been having too much fun with this who would think I could take my cruddy cell photos and do such cool things with them lol :) have a good one guys

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

my sisters house

So here is my sisters house and how much snow we had the week of Christmas (it is really insane) lol but i wanted to share with you the thing there that makes me crazy jealous...her girl cave
Here is one wall the blue part of the wall is magnetic and that is a counter height work bench the length of the wall. When she designed the work bench she made it to double as a guest bed but with everything all set up on it, it is easier to sleep on Calvins bottom bunk. There are magnetic tool holders on the right wall. The cubbies in the back are full of mostly jewelery making materials right now that she uses for her etsy, but there are some scrapbooking things and random stuff thrown in I am sure. The flat screen tv is hooked to a roku so we can watch netflix too.
The next pic is her computer desk area which has magnetic wall also and a cute lamp and there is a giant shelf with square cubbies from ikea for books and various craft goodies. Inside the closet is painted yellow. What she is sitting at in this picture is a flip down sewing table!!! It flips down to sew on and then you flip it up clip it up and it looks like a peice of art hanging on the wall. This makes me crazy jealous i love it tooo much.
Here is my sis and Fire Monster hanging out.
And here is lola her giant dog with Fire Monster lol.
Well i spent about ten hours at Mall of America today and am exhausted I need to watch trashy tv and zone out while drinking tons of ice water to settle my stomach from all the crud i ate. Night guys
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

more two tshirt dresses

So a while back I was looking for fun sewing stuff on YouTube and thought this video was awesome!

So I went to a thrift store and found stuff to make this dress..

This is soo comfy!! It is one of those outfits that as soon as its clean you are ready to wear it again. So me being a person who if one is good, ten must be better, made another..

and I never thought I would say this but I went out and bought...jeggins to go with this..Yes jean/leggins Don't ask but they are comfy and go cute with this. I found that it was super hard to find xl mens shirts that were plain neckline so I bought this one at Target on clearance. The top is thrift though.

The black leggins I have on here don't match..see had to be jeggins
and I made yet another..

I am in love with these!! who doesn't love a giant tshirt and they have big pockets Yay !!!Same deal here, thrift top, Target bottom. Well I think I need some water after a long day folks. Catch you on the flip side people!
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