Tuesday, December 21, 2010

north pole..

Every year (well for two years now since we moved to our town) we make a trip to see Santa. We live in the twin cities mn area and we always go out looking for Christmas lights. This is a amazing house in the neighborhood that just decks it out to the hilt and they are so sweet for going all out for the kiddos. Mine were so excited to go that they talked about it all day. We loaded up in the car with cocoa and some Christmas music. This my Friends is 1101 naumkeg in shakopee mn. This is the front of the house..
you get out and you see this
A tons of animated light ups with stuffed animals and characters and you follow the path around then house..
here is another angel of the front yard

this is toward the side these are hand made keep in mind

here is a shot of the path around the back yard

another skate rink

Here is the amazing guy who cuts out all of the figurines :) They have a fire back here to warm up crafts down stairs for the kids and have even on game night been known to have the vikes playing out here lol. There is even hot water and cocoa in front

Here is the end of the trip..

Santa and Mrs Claus was so kind as to take our picture with her hubby here. It is so great and we come home and the girls bring color sheets to enter the contest. They are amazing people and I hope they really understand how much the kids look forward to this. Little fire monster was on her best behavior all day to see Santa then got there and froze she wouldn't talk or look directly at him. She had to make two trips walking around then house she loves it soo much :) Thank you to the lovely family for bringing a little Christmas to so many kids :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

excuses excuses

So I am sorry I know I have been missing and I have good reasons...Well reasons anyway and excuses lots of them I am full of excuses. I am watch here is where I have been and what I have been doing..
1. crafting with mean taylor
2. going to parades.
3. hiding and knitting
4.going to partys in hideous outfits.
5.torturing my self over past mistakes
6.realizing my life now is pretty easy comparatively to thing in my past.
7.hiding in my room with a cocktail and knitting.
8. more crafting with mean

what # was I on again oh right
9. stressing over getting all the holiday stuff done.
10. locking my self in my room with many more cocktails and knitting

11. freezing my butt off
12.re purposing clothes..

two ^tshirts made into a dress

13. procrastinating.
14. waiting in line at the post office.
15. cutting families hair.
16. at the bead store with my sister
17. texting
18. making up excuses
19. freaking out.
20. hiding and knitting
21. shirking all responsibilities

I am going to get a cocktail this is ridiculous.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

snowed in.

Well... This is insane. We got 22'' of snow yesterday and today currently it has warmed up to a tropical 7 degrees!!! we live in a uninhabitable Arctic tundra...

This is my front door..

you kind of expect to see polar bears and penguins but I think it is too cold for them lol..

My poor hubby drove to work then got to come home and shovel his way into the garage last night. The snow is up past my belly button and way taller then firemonster.. It was light out when he started shoveling by the way. I don't know where are evil rabid plow man was but it is almost 24 hours later you have seen our door way and our drive way still isn't plowed!!! We live in a town home area where it is supposed to be taken care of. I do see all of the guys standing at the bottom of the hill talking though. If this was last year I would have offered them cocoa but I really don't' feel the need to be accosted today.

So instead I stay snowed it and made homemade pizza yummmooo..
You make the dough by adding 1/2 packet of yeast to 1 1/2 c warm water. then mix 4 c flour and 1/3 c oil once mixed add the water mixture and a t salt. spray a big glass bowl with non stick spray and cover with plastic wrap also sprayed . Place it on the back of your stove between burners to let raise with temp set to about 350 once dough has doubled raise temp to 500 to pre heat.
roll out dough and top (makes two good size pizzas or more thin crust pizzas)

This one is pesto sauce (I used classico not quiet half a jar) spread it then use fresh mozzarella slice it with cheese slicer and top then I ripped up spinach and sliced a tomato and one small can of olives yumm. I bake mine about 12 minutes.

this one is potato bacon. I use Alfredo sauce spread it then slice up a potato using a potato peeler so that it is very paper thin. I cover the whole pizza them top it with more fresh mozzarella and some bacon crumbles. yummmm..

the only problem lol

Some one always thinks he needs a spot at the table. He doesn't cause trouble mostly he just sits there in a empty chair staring at you like "where is my plate" He is such a dorky cat. But we have enough left over pizza for dinner and that means I don't have to cook a second meal today. :) We are going to rearrange things in the girls room and get some chores done. :) Well hope you guys are having a great weekend and things are well with you all :)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful..

So here in the twin cities area it is snowing like crazy out. We are in the middle of a blizzard. I of coarse am hiding from rabid snow removal employees.

Although there are some parts of snow I think are beautiful like huge snowflakes floating to the ground. and when the snow is fresh and clean and looks like big piles of glitter I have always loved that.

it does look pretty on the window behind our teeny tiny Christmas tree although...

I would say this behind the dinning room table is over kill..

I mean you can hardly see out the lower windows anymore!!!

or over by the entryway bench!!!
But I suppose that is fine because all I plan on doing today is this..

yup I am watching netflix messing around on my computer and knitting of coarse :) Well I should get back to work :) Cupcake hats are flying out like hotcakes these days. I actually made my sweet hubby drop two orders in the mail on his way to work today. He is like the postal service no stopping that man :) Well I am off to do what I love and love what I do (in my pjs lol) stay warm people

Thursday, December 9, 2010

new decorations..

I spent most of the day out running around with my sister while she shopped for beads and wire and what not for her jewelry. I follow her and try to be patient and write stuff on little baggies as she picks out stuff and remind my self that she does go to yarn shops with me and she rewards me with this...

that would be a cafe latte white mocha and slice of chocolate pistachio cream torte (lunch of champions)
So here is the update on what has been changed added and made in my living room today..Yesterday me and fire monster glittered the pine cones and added the snowflake/stars on top.

then today I made this lol I am sick but I think its funny..I don't' know if you can see but those are x's for eyes on the broken snowman

my sister in law came over yesterday and we made these coffee filter wreaths one hangs on either side of the window in the dining room. I took a teal and cranberry colored stamp pad and dabbed it on them to bring out the ruffles and tie it in with this..

I put these in the entry way..

and hung this now that I have the bow on it..

I am sorta hoping that I am done but I keep finding other new things I am dying to make. well I should feed the kids who live in my house lol. I am off

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

our tree..

So we went to pull out our tree this year and I couldn't find it.. I then remembered that we threw it away at the end of last season because It was falling apart. My sister said oh you can have our old tree. I took it home and Ben surprised me by putting it up when I was out one day and boy..was I surprised. It is 3ft!!!!

lol so here it is in all its glory this year...

We buy special ornaments each year for each person and then a few fun ones. here are some of my favs for the year.. I found this fun one at walmart yesterday and couldn't pass it up...

it is like Dorothy/sex in the city.

this is one we made it has silver bead string in it and is just pretty..

Here is mine for the year it is yarn and glitter..

monkey butt made this one. she filled it with foam balls from the 1$ store

this is my hubby's ornament from the first Christmas we were together I thought it was too cute because our first kiss was at a bon fire :)

This is our first ornament as a couple

I just thought it was soo cute the two snowmen all snuggled up. There are other ornaments that I love but those are some of the greats I think I might have to do a few posts to get all my favs in there lol

more christmas decorating..

For some reason I am feeling very inadequate decorating this year. I think it is because I read some many of you lovely ladies blogs who are soo great at this and who's houses look like Santa would be right at home in. Then I look around my house and think I must be missing a chromosome or something because I just can't seem to get it right. So I keep moving things redoing things and am driving my hubby crazy but my girls are loving it because they have a project almost every day. Me and monkey but made this...

super cute and easy and got the print off from one of my fav blogs here..
Here is what the mantel is (today at least lol)
the project for today is to glitter the pine cones and turn them into little Xmas trees like this

I got that great idea from linds

Here is my table so far (I just put the purple underneath because I keep thinking I need something else to add and I think I was right I need a table runner.(never thought I would need one of those lol)

This is the entry way. The peacock feathers came from one of my crazy mom in laws crazy Friends we actually went to her house and the girls helped gather them..

and this was the project for yesterday which still isn't finished I need some ribbon to finish it off before I hang it properly.

things keep moving and shifting and I keep getting more ideas and changing things. Today for my project list I have to go get coffee filters, ribbon, a paint pen, and some wood. (don't ask)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

new items

well I have some new items on my shop. These ones are being shipped out in the morning to some lucky early childhood aids.

I didn't' have pics of adult purple ones until now

I think this one is my favorite.

red velvet...yum..

knit up while watching eclipse with my sister.
isn't' it cupcake-a-licious
well time for me to drive my booty home and hang out with the fam. :) let me know what you guys think of the new hat. They are on my etsy for the non knitters

Monday, December 6, 2010

more cool projects

So I have a few new things to share with you. This one I am soo excited about and love love love. I found these things called baby legs that are great they are like tights/legwarmers for toddlers/babies. That way when they need to go potty or get changed you don't have to wrestle the tights to keep thier little legs warm plus they protect crawlers legs. Big kids can even throw them on with short sleeves. Well only problem at 10-12$ a pair a bit rich for my blood. So when I saw this here Is what I looked like ..

You can make your own from knee high adult socks!!! I bought fire monster tons of pairs for $1.50 at target and here is the secret so you too can rock like me...

Cut the sock like so..

Throw away the toe and heel and fold the arch part like so..

put it together with the leg part of the sock like so and sew up on zig zag stitch..

and viola you have a pleasing selection of awesomeness for what it would cost for less then 1 pair of baby legs.

Now I have to show you the new fabric that I picked up it is too cute..
I already started to sew projects for my etsy out of it

and if these bags aren't cute enough for you check this out..

Don't' get attached because this one is mine.. here is the back side

but there are other sayings on it 4 in total

Happiness is a cup of coffee shared with a friend
no questions until I have had my second cup and coffee is my cup of tea. Isn't this one great coffee and chocolate... Is there anything better really??? Well I am off to do some chores before I am forcing myself to go to the gym even though I got home from the dentist not long ago and am just now getting the feeling back in the left side of my face. Not even kidding you it was my eyebrow ,ear ,the nose everything in between!!! wish me luck people
ps don't forget to comment and get entered in a drawing for my goodies. I am really excited about this one.