Friday, October 29, 2010

S0 I haven't been blogging lately or knitting or pretty much anything lately because it has been pretty hectic around here. My sis in law had spine surgery earlier this week to remove a non cancerous tumor from a nerve on her spine! Her hospital is in the big city of Minneapolis so we have drove up there once and are going again today and went to cook for all the family boys the day of surgery. (they were all very frazzled) We saw Lexi the girls cousin who they never get to see. but the lovely berns is making progress way faster then to be expected. Her drain came out yesterday and today she is even able to sit up.
The other day when we went to visit she still had to be laying flat on her back the bed couldn't even be up! Here is fire monster keeping her company..

She fed her lunch like that lol she was feeding her apple sauce and ice cream lol. Today we are going to go but first monkey butt has a Dr's appt. of her own to get her arm checked and make sure her cast didn't loosen when the swelling went down and xray again for progress. So hopefully I things will slow down soon and I can get some knitting up to show you but since the dreaded mom in law is coming this weekend (or as I have referred to her in the past the "crazy drunkin circus") . So off to get dressed and get my booty moving :) hope you guys are getting more knitting done then me ;)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall swap..

So on ravelry I joined a swap on my caffeine addicts group and I am a horrible person mine will be going out one business day late. I had some things that I wanted to get in there before I was sending it out. So here is what is in there in the end..

A card some of my favorite teas are in the bag on the left and on the right is..
some magnetic book marks.. and since it is a caffeine swap and all about the coffee here is..

a few yummy flavors from a local place (they are delish)..

Here is everything inn the end some yarn, a card, some tea, some coffee, some book marks, one of my cuter than caribou coffee clutches and a necklace with two pendants one stitch marker one and one glass tile one..

Now she is all wrapped up and in the mail tomorrow. :) I hope she likes it and doesn't mind it going out a day late. :) Well I am off to knit while my hubby watches the vikes :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

raspberries and cream scarf / carmel corn

So today I have two different things to share with you. First a bit of knitting I whipped up last night. I figured since a good 7-9 months out of the year we live in a god forsaken Arctic tundra that even the toughest polar bears and penguins would desert that fire monster would need something cozy to tuck her little mitts into on the way to the bus stop for her sis or headed in and out of stores. So I here she is..

I knit her up a quick 1x1 ribbing scarf and sewed up the ends to make pockets for her hands :)
Since it is going to have to be super washable for her booty and not worth putting a ton of $ into seeing as kids lose winter stuff more often then not I used cheapy lion hand spun. :) now on to the the delish Carmel corn..

Ingredients. 1c brown sugar, 1/4 light corn syrup, 1 stick butter, 1t baking soda ,15 c popcorn and one big roasting pan (sprayed with non stick spray) and foil.

Preheat your over to 200
pop 15 c popcorn not the bag kind full of Delicious chemicals but air popped popcorn make sure and get all the kernels out because no one wants a trip to the dentist,

put it into the big roasting pan and set aside

melt butter, brown sugar, and corn syrup over medium heat like this

It will start to bubble around the edge set the timer to 5 minutes let it cook unstirred for that time

It will look like this remove it from the heat and throw in the baking soda and stir it will look like this

all frothy and foaming

mix it into the pan and stir all over then throw in the oven set the timer for 15 minutes stir making sure to get to the bottom cook 15 more minutes while it is cooking spread foil out on counter and spray with non stick spray when time is up pour out onto counter and break up as going let cool this way..

chow down it is soo much better then the store bought

Friday, October 22, 2010

lollipop rug

Well It is done. I have finished the rug made from recycled t-shirts. It took me two long trips to the salvation army and weeks and numerous resewing but here it is...

The lollipop rug. I finished it after the sun went down so I couldn't get great pics to throw up but I am thinking this little beauty will grace the pages of my etsy soon. That is my dinning room table it is laying on btw to give you a bit of the idea of the size. Well I am going to have some relax time before the hubby gets home. :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Craft day..

So I have been heading down to my sisters house every Thursday for craft time lately. this week one of the things of the list was pendants. We were covered in crusty glue but I am soo happy with the end product. Here are some of the pendants we made..

We figured the apples will be cute for teachers. I love the way they came out I kept the deer for my self :) And just a heads up..

You can look for these ones soon on my sisters etsy. I love the autism puzzle ones she came up with they are in all different colors. :) Soo keep a eye out in the next week all these beauties should be popping up she is just waiting for all the necklace parts to go with them. Well I am off to throw some steel cut oats in the crock pot for my hubby for breakfast. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

So Sunday the boys were off to the game, and my sis and I were headed to shop quick when monkey butts dad called for insurance info. The poor chicky fell off the monkey bars and her body landed on her arm. So he took her in they said green stick break put her in a splint and sent her home. We spoiled her and took care of her look at this poor sad baby...

She was a trouper. Today she was hurting more. I called around for a ortho specialist. Got one headed the 40 minute drive to get her x-rays then the 40 back up to the Doctors. They said she has two broken bones in her wrist. So they took the splint off..

She already had a bruise that went all the way around her little arm..

Then the nurse (who rocked I might add) came in to give monkey butt her choice of casts. She chose dark blue and I chose to get the water-proof gortex cast. The nurse even put glitter on her cast so the sparkles would bond to it as it dried!!

So here she is all set until we go in 10 days from then to check the progress and fit of the cast. :)Sorry so little knitting but I am hoping to have some great stuff to show soon :) Maybe since you have been so patient I will share my new pretzel or Carmel popcorn recipe :) but for now I am exhausted good night every body

Thursday, October 14, 2010

good juju

So in my absence from you lovely people I have been working on a few different thing. One of the things is for my sweet hubby. Now I know not everyone who reads this is from the Arctic tundra of Minnesota like me but if you have seen the movie new in town you might know the scene where the vikings are playing. Well that is my hubby he bleeds purple and gold. This alas has not been a good year for that so far as we are 1-3 and the fact that the whole last game. and now the whole Favre mess... So I whipped these up for my hubby.
good juju socks. They are knit full of good juju to help the vikes out. I flew through these surprisingly fast seeing as I was knitting two at a time and stripping as I went which means that I had 4 skeins to untangle all the time.
I am really hoping they bring him some luck since he will be at the game Sunday with all the brothers/brother in laws. :) another fire in the iron is this...

I am working on the rug made from t-shirts. It is pretty cute so far I got more shirts today to work on it. :) and I made these..

and put them up on my etsy today you can purchase them here and check out my other goodies I have going on. Well I am going to snuggle my fire monster and finish up our movie night we are having. :) Night everybody

Monday, October 11, 2010

busy bee/fo angs dinner shrug

So I have been neglecting my blog but for good reason. I have been crazy busy. I have tons of projects up in the air . Here is the start of one..

I went to my sisters salvation army to get t-shirts for a new project. I cut them into yarn and prepped them. I have a whole rainbow of them. It was interesting... Me and My sis have a great time busting out some crafts. She is super talented jewelry maker. I helped her get a etsy up this weekend too. It is lolitas things.
This would be lolita (or lola) Notice her head is flush with the counter top. She is a very nice sweet dog that my kids love and if she wasn't soo drooly I would even like her and I am mostly not a dog person.

My sisters kitchen table is counter height and her head is right there with it lol. They have to have one that high or lola would be staring you in the eyes as you eat. Another things we did was try to do a dress make over via dress a day. Here was my sisters pick..

frumpy with shoulder pad and very long. Very little house on the prairie.

We took out the shoulder pads took off the sleeves shortened it and did the "signature sinch and pinch" Not perfect but better. There was no sewing at this point. I also busted out a shrug for my sister to wear to a army dinner. She has a very pretty dress she bought when she was deployed in kosovo but it is very summery and she needed some thing to go over. So here it is..

I based it off the anthropology shrug..

I threw this button on for now so there is a closure. well I am off to knit the hubbies viking socks I started them today and am to the heels I would like to finish the heels before getting some sleep. :) night every body

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Irons in the fire..

So I mentioned the other day having some irons in the fire. Here is one thing I am working on...

I am making rag balls like these ...from things like for instance these are made from t-shirts. You may now be asking your self"why the heck would you want to do that?" well for reasons like this..
This is a rag rug I am making from some scratchy old sheets. I have other plans for the t-shirt ones that you will just have to wait and see ;) but tomorrow I will be heading to my sis's house and we will be taking this...

and hopefully be making it into something cute:) (ignore the still present band aids on the knees) I will post more tomorrow but tonight is my late zumba class and have to shower up quick and spend some time with the hubby before he heads off to bed and I slink back out to the living room to knit and watch tv.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

busy busy busy

So it has been very busy around here today. As promised here are the pics of my new knitting project. These are my Hermione's every day socks. The yarn is jitterbug. I am not sure what I think of this whole thing.

I will let you know what I think when I get them done jury is still out at this point.
These are all the pendants that my sister hooked me up with this weekend. I love them. I totally love them and then today I cooked this up..

It is a peperoni loaf. It is Italian bread stuffed with cream cheese and turkey peperoni.

yumo totally delish. Anyway I also set up a etsy page. A few of the things you have seen grace the pages are posted but more will be there soon. :) Well I have some business to attend to before bed.

Monday, October 4, 2010

me and fire monsters date...

So today me and the little fire monster had a date. We went to the Minnesota Zoo. We got Monkey Butt off to school and went on our way to the zoo. We walked out butts off and saw all the animals. They have new exhibits since the last time I was there. Here she is..

We had a good time just the two of us and spent the whole day there for home less then a hour before Fire Monster got home. She had a good time and was a very big girl..

I know Minnesota has big mosquitoes but geez. Now not every one knows this but my hubby is in the mosquito control business and some one hasn't been doing their job!!! Well I am hoping to have some knitting to show soon I am still nursing some hand injuries, knee injuries, and a nasty fat lip from the fall the other day. But I do have a pair of socks going and some other irons about to be put in the fire.

I did add my sock darning post to ravelry as a pattern and people have been checking it out and favoring it left and right. Who would think there was that many people who love their socks as much as me. :) well who ever you are I am glad you enjoyed it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


So here is the update on my girls weekend. Well yesterday it started with zumba with Missy in the morning then we shopped ripped her house apart to reorganize it then rushed out with fire monster and my sister in law to a big zumba dinner. It was great food. One of my zumba ladies Shelley owns a Chinese buffet called super buffet. So we stuffed our selves then we did raffles and games and went out side into the parking lot to zumba. It was a blast.
After we dropped berns off at her car and went to Missy's to have a glass of wine and finish cleaning up the mess we had started with moving furniture and what not. I don't know if I have mentioned this but Missy only lives a few doors down. So we finished and I went to walk home I have fire monster asleep on one hip and my lap top in a bag on the other. Well I made it almost to my drive and then went to step from grass to side walk and rolled my ankle!!! I tried to recover but knew it wasn't going to happen so I ditched the laptop and tried to protect fire monster. I went down sorta landing on her. She started to cry so I rushed in checked her over not a scratch but nothing so I checked the laptop just fine. But this is one of my war wounds...

I have nasty oozy road rash all over my knees and some knuckles. I am not enjoying it I haven't been scraped up like this since ridding bikes. I am in soo much pain so I am drowning it in this..
While me and monkey butt stay up late playing wii. (her choice clearly) But I had a nice day with the sis today and we went to her library which has a stinking awesome knitting book selection and she checked me out these...

I can hardly wait to start the knitting :) woooo hoo I left her house with two crying girls (almost three) Who miss their daddy. So I am off to spend some girl time. Night guy.