Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school/pampering for mama

Today was a big day in our house hold. It was my post op which went great. I got the last few pieces of fishing line trimmed from the sides of my breast (it felt like I had the tags still on them) I also got the ok to soak in the tub (we all know how I love to lock the door and hid in there for hours on end) and I found out that they removed a pound from my right breast and Pound and a half from my left!!! (It didn't seem like there was that much of a difference lol) So 2.5 pounds!!! But the most exciting thing going on in this house is this...

Monkey butts first day of first grade. That means packing lunches (big deal). Her father bought her the biggest lunch box I have ever seen. She had a good day everything went well. I was very happy to hear. She got up for the first time to a alarm clock and was dressed teeth brushed and ate breakfast with in 15 minutes lol. I was still dragging my self out of bed.
While the kids are off I figured I would share a new secret I have with the mommies... I have a new face regimen. It works better then anything I have ever used. I love it soo much. I have sorta sensitive skin. I get eczema and tend to be on the dry side and ever since I tried going back to mary kay this winter my chin has been prone to break outs. Well no longer my friends. Let me tell you my secret. I got this from (like most good things in my life) a blog. Thats so cuegly. She is brilliant. It is o.c.m. Oil Cleansing Method. I know sounds crazy will clog your pores that is too freaky no way. WRONG. Don't ask why this works it just does. Oil cleanses mixes with oil leaving your face soft smooth glowing and not greasy. Also because you aren't using harsh chemicals it doesn't dry me out. Love my skin because of it. So here is the scoop on what you need..
A moisturizing oil (grape seed is great and I got this giant bottle at the evil corp. of walmart for 5$!!!!! ) You can also use evoo but heavier and may clog pores on some people, coconut oil (yum but more $) and jojaba oil. (again heavier) Grape seed has some spf properties is light and helps aid in repair what not to love doesn't leave me greasy either. So that is #1 #2 is Castor oil. This cleanses your skin and pulls out impurities. (no it doesn't smell fishy that is cod liver oil. Castor doesn't smell like anything) and you can add some essential oils. I add a bit of tea tree into my mix for the acne fighting :) I mix mine about 65% grape seed to 35% Castor and then a few drops of tea tree. that is what is in the aveda bottle. Then # 3 a washcloth. That is it. A whole ton of this and it cost maybe 7$ to make !!!! What was I doing before. Now here is what you do:
#1 pour a palm full of the oil mix in your hand and massage into your face. Do for a few minutes. Not scrub your face off but just massage in..
#2 get your washcloth wet with the hottest water you can take (don't burn your self) Then lay it on your face
#3 Relax take some time to chill out and let it cool to room temp. massage your skin to help work properties and redo steps 2 and 3 a few more times
#4 wash off oil with wash cloth rinse it and keep wiping until it is off.
#5 splash face with cool water to close pores
#6 (optional) apply few drops of oil for moisturiser.

That is it people it removes all make up eye make comes off beautifully and oil even helps strengthening your lashes! I got my niece hooked she has issues with little red bumps on her cheeks since she was a baby and has sensitive skin that tends to get dry but this seemed to work really well so far.

grape seed oil rocks! it is all I use for a moisturiser now. My make up has spf but I might use a bit more if I will be in the sun allot. Here is some more info on it if you are curious.

Here is what else I did with my first school day. Coachella here I come. Enjoy the tips guys

Sunday, August 29, 2010

pioneer woman I am not..

So before we went up to gpa Dannys for the weekend I finished Lelah. my strapless top. I love it soo much it isn't funny. I love this pic because by some magic I look smaller

Monkey butt actually did pretty good job taking pics with my phone. and Don't mind the bed head and no make up. I can wear it with no bra which makes be love it because still no bras in my world. (post surgery)
Here is the side view.

Then we went to gpa Danny's. here is some highlights.

Here is the calf's crowding the barn and waiting for their food. They go crazy and mooo and moo

Here is a very typical picture of fire monster up there. Playing in the dirt. She is always dusty and dirty up there. (note to self must remember to clip her dirty finger nails ick)

Here they are feeding Alice a cow who has a broken hip. Now you can tell I am not a farm girl because I asked" will she recover" . Danny looked at me and said" the FREEZER!!!!" I decided not to eat beef next trip up since I have now been formally introduced. I make it a habit not to eat things that I have looked square int the eye.

here is gpa and the kids out feeding cows. This is very typical. I love this one especially because this is very Gpa Danny explaining things. (gpa Danny and gma terry are prolly the biggest know it alls I have ever met lol)

Gma Terry is in a band so we went out to dinner and to catch the first tiny bit of her show. Fire monster is a dancing fool. She goes crazy on the dance floor there is no stopping her.

Even Monkey butt who is just a bit too cool these days got in on the action. It was a ton of fun to watch.

but alas we were up and on the road early this morning to get home to civilization because monkey butt starts first grade tomorrow and I have my post op. So I have some ducks to get in a row. I hope everyone is enjoying the last little bit of their summer break.


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why do all good things have to come to a end???

So my mama Sherry got delivered to the airport today and miss fire monster cried and then when she stopped she said "whew I need cake". Me, I am still waiting to stop crying. I bawled like a baby. I was so spoiled and so well taken care of and is such great company it was hard to give up. I am not used to having a mama to take care of me. I want to be mama sherry for my kids. I can't stop tearing up. I have never felt so well loved in my life. How am I going to survive now.
So we both kind of went away with some parting gifts. I drug her through ravelry and had her look for patterns for her bday present, had her try things on that I have knit, and drug her to the yarn store to have her pick out yarn and then I set to work busting my hump so that she could take the goods home with her. Here is what we came up with...

The pattern is Susie's reading mitts. I started the large size and decreased over time to get to small. So that it would fit her for arms comfortably. The yarn in is vintage in color way tide pole.

Then she liked the way my Hermione hat fit. I got both done since Saturday afternoon when I bought the yarn. I also sent her with my feather and fan socks and the Teddy's tulip socks.

We went shopping yesterday and got a couple cute things for me too..

this one we thought looked sorta ugly on the hanger but it was cute on. I feel very Chuck from pushing daisy's when I wear it.

I have some cute vintage looking green hills that go with it and this shrug too and then I fell in love with this...

My first stapless dress. It has cute eyelets and some ribbon around the bottom. I love it soo much. I can't wait to wear it. I am now going to finish crying it out in the shower and hope the tears dry up for a while and quit being such a mess and just be happy that I get to climb into bed with my hubby even if I can't snuggle him lol.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday...

This is mama Sherry..

She is giving fire monster some love because I couldn't :( I am a huge snuggler. I snuggle fire monster many times during the day and night, I snuggle my hubby at night, I snuggle monkey butt when the mood strikes her too through out the day as she is attached to my hip but since Tuesday there has been no snuggles. I miss it soo much. I can't snuggle or sleep on my belly or stomachs (my chosen methods of sleeping). Life is sorta rough and I am feeling the wear on my nerves.

Here is Miss Sherry baking with Meggie tay. last night. They had a good time.

Here is Meggie tays cake they were baking last night that I decorated this morning. :) For her birthday party today. We also had a wedding today I wore a dress my sister loaned me and found that my Juliana matched it very well. I finally got to wear it out.

I was very excited. But if you look at my tummy you will see that anywhere that got a tinsy bit wet showed huge!!! So we went to the ceremony outside at 4:00 one of the hottest hours of the day and then went inside went potty and did the once over in the mirror only to discover that my entire back was a sweat mark!!! Oh crap!! No hand driers either So I tied my shrug on fanned my dress around me when I sat down and was careful not to sit back against the satin chairs so I could dry.

Then I begged and pleaded my hubby to dance with me I got a few squeezed out before we jumped back in the car to get the kids and he morphed back into the black hole of negativity he can sometimes be and sucked any joy out of the evening. :( Well I love him non the same and tomorrow is a new day. Off to bed people.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

changes changes and more changes...

So just to keep you up dated here is my picture from day 4 after surgery. This is sat it was done Tues.

Things are good better then yesterday. My nerve endings started to come back yesterday so I had migraines and was in pain and very dark purple. Today one migraine more yellowy brown then purple and my digestive track did things it hadn't' let me do in 5 days. So yeah...better. I have been taking topless pics that show my progress as well for my personal well being. I think it is a good thing. I have even considered covering my personal areas and putting them up for educational purposes just so people can have the most honest documentation of my journey but I am not sure people are ready for the shark attack footage.
As for some of the other changes... Sherry has made me into a...un monogamous knitter. I am knitting 3 things on needles currently...
I have this my first strapless top ever. Lelah for me. I am making it from my yarn I ripped from my raglan leaf tee...

Sherry's Hermione hat out of vintage (no big shocker my stock present yarn since washable) and...

I tossed this feather and fan scarf on a while ago the colors don't' look like they would go together. but they make a rainbow interesting enough. My sister loves rainbow stuff. She says she is taking the rainbow back it isn't just for homosexuals she can enjoy the rainbow just as much :) So that is in the works for her. I also have things that will be going on as soon as I get some things finished like Sherry's Suzie mitts. I feel hair brained and crazy. I am a monogamous knitter I obsess until what I am doing is over and I have my closure. So I better get my booty to work.

Also this sherry has me eating cheese cake (white chocolate raspberry cheesecake to be exact). and snicker doodles, and chicken cordon blue and other naughty thing and has forbid me from stepping foot in the gym. That hasn't helped the for mentioned slowing down of my digestive. track I am sure. And then there is this...

and this...

Oh lord. That will be a triple layer German chocolate cake!!! My grandma used to make it it was her fav and it is my sisters fav. so Sherry made it for her. I am doomed I will be back in moo moos before I know it between all this deliciousness and sitting lol. Lord help me. Well we have a wedding tomorrow I will have more pics to share then.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh look decoy and distractions

Well since today was day two after my breast reduction and most things were great (except the fact that my left breast is very bruised and still a little ...well...oozy...) I am going to distract you with other things that happened over the week that I didn't get a chance to tell you...

Like this here lovely picture of my niece Megan riding Lola my sisters st Bernard. (Happy bday Meggie)
Or the fact that I did like 4 hair cuts at family dinner one of which was my brother in law who had very very long hair and my sister being the weirdo she is is wearing it ...

as a head band in this picture sorta creepy.. well yes. OH you are still not distracted from the fact that my left looks like it was involved in a shark attack (a brutal one) ...

well they then decided that evea should be princess Leah for Halloween...still not

well that is all I got to distract you people. Sorry you are just going to have to live imagining the horror that is going on here and I am going to take drugs sleep and hope there is less purple when I wake up.
Ps they are still cute as a button when covered though lol

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

post op

Well in order to show you guys the honest truth of what my operation was all about I am documenting the days. I have my first pic was of yesterday day evening day of surgery.

I had to have my ace bandage on there was no peeking and there was a patch over my left breast because it was bleeding through a bit but I really didn't feel bad. I spent most of the evening in my ace bandage tube top so that I could ice with out dealing with a shirt and I did ice and ice and ice some more. With ice packs that were made of powder that mama sherry brought me. they rocked. I got put under at 11 and I got home by 5 I could have been home earlier except I couldn't stay awake. So i slept the whole car ride home and then I slept on the couch until 7 and then went back to bed from 12 until 2 and was up for ever because 20 hours of sleep was enough for a while I guess. But I doped my self up with benadril at 5 and went back to sleep until 10:30
this is me the next day after a shower I got to take my bandages off (this is sans bra seeing as I am stitched ). I was a 36 g now I should be a 36 c after the swelling goes down. The girls are very cute and perky when clothed but they look a little bit like a shark attack victim underneath (hey I told you I was going to tell the truth)

here is the side view. me and my ladies spent most of the afternoon evening ripping the somewhat cowl and raglan leaf t to make other things that will fit from them :) all very exciting but I am going to drug my self with some benadril and go to sleep :) sleep well every one

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

surgery far so good

So my lovely mama Sherry got here in one piece yesterday although her luggage took a slight detour through salt lake city which is mysterious because she had a direct flight from Washington state. :) But it was there by family dinner at the sisters. Here is fire monster attempting to help out with the help of one very lazy diabetic step stool named Andy.

I spent yesterday down with the girls at my other big sis's then came home doped my self up on Tylenol pm and hit the hay. After a night full of dreams where I just kept getting thwarted on my attempts to get to surgery on time. I woke up and off I went surgery was scheduled for 11:40 but I got to go in a bit early. I was home around 5:00. I could have got home earlier if I could have stayed awake a bit longer lol. But I came home and my sister in law took the two monsters to her house for the night so I don't get snuggled in the middle of the night. I slept on the couch most of the evening and had a few snicker doodles my lovely Sherry made me and some MacDonald's (shhhh don't' tell) and now back into bed. I am not sooo groggy any more and in a bit of pain nothing too god awful although my left nipple is bleeding lol. I don't think at a alarming rate though. I am small and perky from what I can tell. But now it is time for bed. I will take a picture when I feel like I can wear a shirt :) toodles

Friday, August 13, 2010

Welcome to my humble home..

Okay so I am taking a brief break from my being lonely worrying obsessing and stressingwhile my hubby works 900 hours of overtime (btw my surgery is in 4 days) and show you around my Hubble little abode. Now keep in mind that we are a young married couple who is slowly getting rid of their hand me down furniture. I am still coming into decorating a home. You are standing in my entry way and you see past my dinning room into this...

My family room one of the few spaces that isn't hand me down furnished lol. I bought this living room set with my hard earned money from selling my soul to at&t and waisting lots and lots of time away from my babies. but it is very cleanable and stain treated and the coffee table opens up and is filled with yarn . (you can see my recipe for fish blanket draped over the couch)

Here is what the couches face. I sorta hate the built in because we can't move things around really. and unfortunately we cant use the fire place in the winter either very very sad.

This is where you would be standing for the first view. My dining room /entryway. I have a lovely little bench for the babe to drop off her back pack and coat when she comes home from school and there is also a wire I hang all her art work from facing the bench. By the way I bought that bowl to use as a center piece and if anyone has any cute ideas for filling it cheaply let me know.

this is what the table faces.

Here is another view. You can see the wire for her school art work I was talking about.

Here is my kitchen where I spend most of my time. I love it

Here is the wall opposite of my stove printer paper fridge and tons of other things.

Straight down the hall I just set up this area which is all for organising and scheduling. through the door right there is the laundry room which I will show you after my counter gets put up.

This is my bedroom. My giant bed my ikea Shelby full of books and things and lots of other books on lots of other shelves

lovely Ikea shelf full of books

Other view of room more books the two closets on the left is mine right is Ben and master bath..

Here is my bath not the most tidy.but do able and it has a bench in the shower.
This is the girls room. A bit messy but that is normal.

This is the fire monsters spot on the bottom She has a book shelf fort lamp and a bed under which she hides everything when I make her clean her room.
This is monkey butts bed. She has reading lap books and top bunk.
Since we got the built in they got the entertainment center which is full of movies and art stuff. to the left is monkey butts art desk.

Here is the girls bathroom (yes that is me looking very nasty in my zumba pants)
and this is the tub where me, a bottle of wine, and my lap top tuck ourselves in for hours at a time :) and I plan on probably doing just that shortly..

but first I have to teach a certain fire monster the pleasure of dunking oreos